Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Portable Design Wall

Isn’t this a wonderful portable design wall? It was designed and constructed for Lindi Kuritz of Green Bay WI by her very clever husband Jay. It is lightweight and easily moved around her studio, which, by the way, has a floor of gorgeous blue ceramic tile. The wall itself is made from two 2” thick pink Styrofoam insulation sheets, each measuring 4x8 feet, and it is then covered with fleece. The frame is 2” PVC ( or the next size larger) and pretty sturdy if you ask me.

However Jay says if he were to make it again he would add a third leg in the center. The PVC is glued together of course, but the real genius is the edge bolts that hold the Styrofoam in place. These large U shaped bolts are then covered in a clear plastic tubing softening the sharp edges of the bolts.

Lindi needed a design wall in her glorious studio, but there were too many windows and not enough wall. This room was previously the hot tub room (!!!) but after many years the hot tub lost its seal and started leaking. After it was removed Jay suggested to Lindi that she take it over as her studio! I am telling you, she is the epitome of the name Lucky Lindi.

I had a wonderful time up 'Nort' in Green Bay workshopping with the Women Who Run With Scissors. We met in an old church in Denmark WI and it had been turned into a VFW hall. The smart women who plan the workshops have lunch catered in. That makes everything so much nicer.
Of course the best part was the enthusiasm and artistic nature of the participants. It makes the teacher look fabulous when the students are as talented as these gals.
However, in the spirit of honesty I must confess that I am a dodo. In Mapquest I entered the address of my destination as Shady Lane when it should have been Sandy Lane and I ended up on the other side of town, completely befuddled and embarrassed. Duh. It's always something!