Monday, March 28, 2005

Spring has arrived and here's the proof.

Crocus, they're tiny but they manage to push their little selves up through the debris of last season's flowers. Don't you just love perennials? The fact that these were planted years ago and have spread somewhat and appear every Spring without any continued attention, is such a delight.

I must put the garden clean up on my to do list. Along with doing my taxes and the famous Monday laundry and studio . Arrgggh.
My house got all cleaned up for my Easter dinner, which I have to say was a bust. I overcooked the salmon, too much distraction, and I ended up actually eating things I was going to pass on. LIKE THE CHEESECAKE. I had a sliver, which contained all the calories I could have eaten til Wednesday.
My brother was not feeling well and therefore did not eat the mountains of food that were prepared for his typical appetite. I worry about him. He looked green. Rose says he may have a bleeding ulcer. Arrgghh. Of course he has no intention of seeing a doctor and has no health insurance. I offered to help, which was ignored.
The cats are eating the dried out salmon.


  1. I love perennials too. My husband tried to convince me they were all dead, but then I pointed out healthy green leaves starting to poke through, which means there will soon be blooming flowers to follow! I love Spring!

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