Saturday, March 19, 2005

Saturday's Paintings


All are 11x14" and acrylic

I bought three huge fashion magazines that had tons and tons of models for my paintings. Unfortunately they are all wearing clothes, which I didn't want to paint. I liked the pose of this model and removed her fashion statement and tried to paint what the figure might have looked like, and had to just guess. I was trying to get bold color and high contrast. I am only medium happy with this one.

This Wonder Woman pose is too funny but I like the colors and the background and am willing to overlook the dopey pose. One of the things that stumped me in previous figure painting that I did in my college days was dealing with the backgrounds. I didn't find the realistic scenes much fun to paint and didn't have the idea of not including them at all. I am looking at the paintings of Skip Lawrence now and see the designed background that I really like.

I got lost on this landscape and just stopped painting, I went for color and splattered dots ala Edward Betts. I have always loved his freedom and riotous colors.

This is the first one that I painted Saturday and is the most directly taken from the magazine picture. However it still maintains the looseness and gooey paint look that is my new fave technique. I guess this is an ad for a purse?
Anyway, I had fun and did my laundry at the same time.


  1. Mrs Mel, you are just all that...are you thinking about putting any of this on fabric? The woman here definitely has confidence :)

  2. Are you eating and sleeping?

  3. Karen and Geri,
    I am having so much fun working towards getting looser. I don't have any plans yet to paint on fabric, or make quilts that look like my paintings, but it could happen. Geri, these take less than two hours start to finish so they don't cut into my eating or sleeping, just my housework. Although I am getting my laundry done, pretty soon, as the laundry room is where I am painting.

  4. Many thanks for the link to Skip Lawrence...great work. I love his landscapes. Glad to see you doing some painting Melody! Sometimes a change in medium can do some interesting things for us!

  5. Melody, I really like the seated woman with her mannerist limbs. I love the composition and the colors and the directional mark making. Her mood is thoughtful, but not peaceful or bored. Perhaps because you have stripped her of her fashion statement. The tangle of limbs is energetic. This is my favorite of the bunch. Sonji

  6. Mrs. Mel,

    These are so cool. I like the top painting best. And I will suggest a (possibly new) tv addiction to you (just for the poses, you understand).. American's Next Top Model.

    The landscape looks like the lake is puking all the colors out. Not "tasteful" but interesting. You're having fun; you've found a passion. When you have worked through your matchstick series, I bet we see more Women from you. (I hope so.)

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