Saturday, March 26, 2005


OK I am a moron, but I have had help getting there.
While offline and miserable, my desktop which is anti-Melody and pro-Dave is secretly downloading all my email, in duplicate. I am unaware of this subterfuge but decided to investigate and discovered it all there, unopenable, but delivered. I cannot send and once I open any of the mail there, it crashes and nothing works.
My famous geeky brother Cary will be fixing it (he PROMISES) tomorrow before he has his second beer, or else.

Said Geeky Brother trying to make me forget that it is his genius installation that has screwed up my desktop computer.

And what did I find there on the pile of email I had missed this week?
A contract to teach in

for September of 2006!

I am palpatating, verklempt and thrilled that I found it. Imagine if I went another month without responding? O no, don't imagine. It is too bloody.


  1. Yippee! I think a Guiness at a put in Ireland might be a worthy substitute to the England fantasy. Happy Easter. I promise I'll post my menu soon.

  2. Ok know I AM 7/8ths Irish....and I have ALWAYS wanted to visit Ireland. Would you like your own personal sherpa???? Sigh, well, I think it's wonderful and I know you will have a wonderful time and I am totally jealous and thrilled for you.

    Back to the hockey game and hand work....


  3. I am sure you need an Irish/Italian assistant to schlep your belongings....or at,least protect you from your adoring public..or is that pubs?

  4. Ireland is a very desirable place! I desire to go there. It's so cool that you are world famous! Deborah is right about it being a worthy substitute, but couldn't you just go on over to England, since you are so close? I would if I were you.

  5. You will LOVE Ireland! I just went in Nov. and had a great time! It's beautiful and the folks are friendly! And the me, let it settle first or you might as well be blaspheming or something, LOL!

  6. Awes! That's so wonderful, you have to go to Ireland!

  7. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Enjoyed a lot! »


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