Monday, March 07, 2005

The Chicago School of Fusing Faculty

Our picture for the yearbook

Saturday we had a faculty meeting, which as you may guess is just an excuse to get together to eat, drink coffee and show off our latest new work ( including knitting). We laugh like little girls and talk all at the same time and make nice noises at the artwork shown. From the left we are: Laura Wasilowski, Dean of Corrections and author of the fabulously successful Fusing Fun. Next is our hostess, soon to be published author and Dean of Technology (Her Geekness) Frieda Anderson. On her left is Emily Parson, mother of three under five, who is the only one of us to sell a major work this year, and is Dean of Diapers. Then there is moi, chronicler of us all, and Dean of Music.

We look so well behaved.

Sunday was the last day of Dave's vacation and it turned out to be the first really nice day of almost Springlike temperatures. The snow is all melted and the sun was blazing, so I left the work in my studio and sprung him from his permanent spot in front of the computer and we took a walk to the end of the block.
At the corner we stopped at the coffee shop for a cup to warm us on the way back and sat and drank it on the bench in front of the bank. Across the street is an independent butcher shop/wine store and we decided to check out their counter when we finished our coffees. This is a favorite pursuit of ours dating back to our early courtship. Dave has been a meat cutter for over 31 years and started in an independent shop in the city at age 15. He has lots of opinions about the business.
We bought some filet tips to grill and he opined as we strolled back home. I listened intently and held my breath as I realized something special was happening.

This is a big deal.

He walked all the way to the corner and back without an incident!!! No freezing or cramping or tremors of any kind! This new medication is really working, if he remembers to take it. That plus a stressless week at home made him the old Dave again. Wow!
I didn't say anything until we were having our dinner. He had to admit that he didn't even notice that he was OK for the whole walk. It was really like being on vacation from his illness. Again, wow!

Y'know it is the simple things that make the best memories.


  1. "We look so well behaved."

    Snort....looks can be deceiving.....

    Happy to hear that the new med (what is it, btw?), is working for Dave. Of course, avoiding the stress is a big help too.

  2. Most excellent, hugs to Dave.

  3. Melody, my father useta be a butcher back in the days when shops where independently owned. I have a few compelling memories from childhood about butcher shops. It great to hear about the details of happiness for the two of you.

    The faculty picture is great!


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