Thursday, February 10, 2005

A Visit to the Gardens

While it would have been nice to blink one's eyes and fly off to Japan to enjoy this garden,

or flit across the pond to enjoy Sissinghurst, we settled for a walk through Chicago's Botanic Gardens. After being a sick girl all week it was time to bask in the lush tropical greenhouses and smell, or try to smell the flowers that are blooming there.

A very fragrant Gardenia about to fully unfurl.

Lady Slipper Orchid

Hibiscus with wonderful red veining in the petals.

Sorry, I forgot to memorize the name of these.

Phaelanopsis Orchids.

After the walk we ate lunch at Panera, my fave and now I am off to get a new haircut, and become gorgeous again ! Except for the fever blister on my upper lip. Dang!


  1. You know what I needed today? Pictures of flowers that are blooming somewhere at this very minute. ~sigh~ Thanks! So pretty.

  2. Amazing. I can hardly imagine since we got nearly a foot of snow here in Maine today. But, come June I will be able to walk up the path behind our house and see hundreds of ladyslippers in bloom in the woods. Thanks for the wonderful pix. You're a pretty talented photographer too! Deborah

  3. Actually that cymbidium is not a cymbidium, but a phaelanopsis ( i slave in the flowermines by day:>)

    Gorgeous shots--and i'd really like to know what the blue ones are!!!

  4. It will not succeed in reality, that's exactly what I think.


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