Monday, February 07, 2005

Back to Bed

I ache all over, my nose is running like a faucet and I have a headache. I had a hot shower and put on clean jammies to match my mood, all gray, took some meds, and climbed into the red bed and listened to Terry Gross interview Tommy Chong.
Then I hit the cd button and listened to Frank's album Everything Happens to Me. He has the very best arrangements and best clarity of recordings.
I drank Honey and Lemon tea, from the pot I made before hand, and had several urgent haircuts and came back to bed.
Dave left to visit a buddy at 10am, which leaves me with no audience for my sneezes and groans.

In my delirium I want to beseech the inventors of the world for a new invention:

There is a monstrous need for a shower that will wash away all the germs in your body, and it must be inexpensive and adaptable to several other services, such as:
1. wash away a very bad haircut
2. wash away involvement in a bad relationship, including all the yucky hurts that occurred while in that relationship.
3. wash away hurtful remarks said by oneself and heard from the lips of others.
4. wash away any meal eaten that had exceeded the calories allotted for that day.
5. wash away debts, including the national debt.
6. wash away unfinished projects that really will never be actually unearthed and finished, but are taking up lots of closet space.
7. wash away a hangover
8. wash away parking tickets, drug busts, and other wastes of the public's dollar
9. wash away quilt judges' comments
10. wash away guilt.
11. wash away the stupid war
12. wash away the national debt (Did I mention that already?)
13. wash away gingivitus
14. wash away late fees and overdue book charges at the library.
Did I tell you that I returned my library cd's covers with several cds still in my posession? So having found them, I made a special trip to return them, in a jewel box of my own. At the same time I dropped off a book on tape with one tape still in my boombox and when I got home the library had called to mention that goofup. Luckily they renewed my card.
I am hopeless.

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