Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Art Worth Seeing

My friend and fellow quilt artist Sarah Williams sent this email:

I sent a piece for this auction since we used to live in Salem. It was alot of fun so check out the site. The show is finally up and it looks great!

We are in the process of taking pics of everyone's piece and will have it on www.snapfish.com

Go to the site and then log in as: marylou@zeekgallery.com The password is: letters. You will be able to see all the 8" x 8" artworks. We're still working on it and should have everyone's art up by the end of the day. Pass the site onto all your friends and relatives! Sarah
So I clicked the link and logged in and was astounded by the wonderful stuff in this show. Truly lovely work with the theme of letters and numbers. Apparently it is a fund raiser for a library or school, who knows, but I would love to own at least twenty of these wonderful pieces.

The Gallery is auctioning the pieces to benefit Oregon's Literacy Program at Chemeketa Community College. Bids should be called in to them, 503.581.3229.
Thanks Sarah for sharing this work with us!


  1. Wow...some very cool, wonderful pieces. Makes me want to do letters and numbers....something else to distract from what I should be doing. Thanks for sharing this amazing work.

  2. Mrs. Mel,

    These "not quite as old as yours" eyes really have a hard time reading that red text on the blue background.

    but I persevered...

    Gee, it's easier to read on this page...


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