Thursday, June 12, 2014

New Things

 Blue Rings
Acrylic, collage, stamping, ink. 12x12" on canvas paper. To be mounted. Have you ever known me to make so many works in blue? I guess blue dyed fabric wasn't as thrilling as blue paint! I must put some other colors first on the palette today.

 I made two new stamps yesterday and couldn't wait to try them out. When I was thinking about new flooring at the previous house, I got these wood samples from Lowe's and saved them and now they are the perfect thing to mount the stamps. I cut shapes from foam sheets found in Wal-Mart's art aisle and double sided carpet tape, also from Lowe's. The stickiness is incredible.
 There are lots of new things going on in the neighborhood. Across the street they have begun building a house, which certainly will alter my view of the open field. I am certain I will enjoy a pretty new house just as much. They have also started preparing the lots along the new street to the west of us. Not pictured. Many new houses are going in, including possibly some townhouses. More new friends to meet.

I brought yellow squash and zucchini to three of my neighbors yesterday. So early to be have such a huge harvest. August in Illinois is usually when zucchini gets distributed to willing cooks. I love that it is only early June. I may have a second crop to plant!

We have had two days of glorious rain and maybe more today. It certainly makes the garden grow better than hand watering. The sweet potato vine is taking over, with the cantaloupe a close second.

I will harvest green beans later today, and the watermelons are showing fruit already. We have about five so far, from three varieties. The vines are continuing to travel across the yard. Such fun!

The rutabaga leaves are being chomped by some bug, and they have outgrown their tub already. Perhaps it was a mistake to plant them so close together. You think? We are enjoying the snapdragons, which rise above the fray. Then the cucumbers are doing well, and are quite tasty. I picked two large ones today, and the vines have many more awaiting completion.

The peppers are loaded, but top heavy and the rains toppled them, so I had to find ways to stake them upright again. So far so good.  I have the most scraggly tomato plants, but they are producing steadily anyway. The big difference is that they were not planted in the mushroom compost like everything else in the garden. Next year they will go in the big white tubs, where the flowers are running riot.

Still, I have been eating tomatoes already, with basil pesto, and it is so early! The Juliet cherries are really going nuts and are quite tasty.

Speaking of basil, I have it planted everywhere, but it is not being challenged as much in the herb container. It is actually giving the mint a run for its money. The oregano is going to seed, and the dill and fennel are setting flowers too. If this is June, what will July through August bring?
This just in: what if the painting was cut in half and made into a diptych? What do you think?

This is close to what it would look like, but I didn't measure it exactly, so it's only an idea, but interesting to do, isn't it?


  1. Anonymous8:57 AM

    LOVE the paintings!!!! ~RBC

  2. Beautiful paintings, I like that you made to of it. Furthermore I have to say that I liked the whole serial you made last week.

  3. Gads! Your garden is on steroids! There is a lot to be said for your new location and planting methods... I think the sunshine there must be far greater than your old place, but you just have the magic touch for sure! BTW, I love your new pieces, and do like seeing them split. And the stamps are great. I gave up on carpet tape... way too sticky for me. I use the sticky back foam for a lot of my stamps, and they last fine without additional adhesive. But for foam that doesn't have adhesive, I think I would use something like E-6000 glue... lasts forever, and just where you want it. Have fun!

  4. I like it cut in half. Makes it even more interesting.

  5. Anonymous1:08 PM

    First, your garden is amazing. I am jealous! I live in the northern plains and it was in the 30s last night, sigh....

    I've so enjoyed your painting 'journey.' Thanks for sharing it with us. It's been fun seeing your process and it's results. I do like your idea of the diptych better than as a whole piece.

  6. It seems like only a minute since you planted your garden and now you are harvesting!

  7. Wow…..amazing! Both the painting and your gardens. WOW!

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