Monday, June 09, 2014

Presenting the Work


In the past, making works on paper meant having to mat and frame them for presentation, to hang on the wall. Now with these new wood cradled panels I am able to mount the paper works on a hard substrate and hang them up immediately. No taking them to the framer! As far as I'm concerned, my dreams have come true. For this piece, Accelerate, (10x10") I decided to paint the panel edges in black and then mount the painting. Then I gave the whole painting/panel a clear coat of glazing medium to seal the entirety. It's ready to hang. SOLD

With Easel, I didn't have a cradled panel that matched the dimensions, (4x10") so I used a canvas panel, (6x12") and painted it black and mounted the painting in the middle. It also got a final coating of glazing medium as a seal.  Ready to hang. SOLD

Here's a view of both the wood cradle panel below and the back of the canvas panel.


Painting #6, from my first day, got the most pins on Pinterest so that signaled my choice to mount it on the 12x12" cradled panel. In this case I decided to paint the edges as a wraparound, disguising that this was ever just a sheet of watercolor paper originally. SOLD
A word about pricing: In the past I usually priced my daily paintings at $100, no matter what the size, since they are typically small enough to fit in an envelope to mail. I got this price structure from Carol Marine who has been making a painting a day since 2006. (Imagine that!) She posts on her blog and on Daily Paintworks, and while they start at $100, they are auctioned to the highest bidder, often double or tripling that price.
Then my other fave painter, Jane Davies, who introduced me to these cradled panels, has her work available as prints via Fine Art America. When Jane had a recent gallery show, I saw one of her original paintings (10x10") selling for $450. The gallery usually gets half. So what do I want to do?
Mostly I want to have a nice flow out of the studio and into the hands of an appreciator. So I am sticking with the $100 price, plus $5 shipping. Email me.


  1. I love all three of these, especially the way you have finished them. I know you will sell all of them. I find pricing tough too but it is good to sell at an affordable price too.

  2. Melody,

    What kind of glazing medium do you use to seal the piece after it's finished? I love this new work!


    1. I used Aleene's Enhancers EN106 Glazing Medium from Hobby Lobby. But any gloss medium will do the same thing.

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