Saturday, April 26, 2014

Filling the Tub

 The first of the four tubs is filled. It was a rainy and cool morning, thankfully, and I got out early, still in my jammies, ready to shovel the compost.

First I filled the green basket and then dumped it into the plastic bin in the wheelbarrow. Why do it that way? Getting the wheelbarrow over that tarp was the most annoying and difficult part of this job. So I did it the girly way, in bits and bushels. Once I got the plastic bin filled, I wheeled it to the tub and Dave and I then tipped it in. We used our gloved hands to spread the warm compost in the tub, which was the most fun part. The first six inches in the tub is the clay and rock from the tree holes Dave dug.

 Here is the tub, filled and planted. That empty space in the center is planted with Provider Green Beans, a bush variety.
I had started my basil plants early in peat pots so they were ready to ring the edge of the tub. The variety here is Mammoth. Oooohhh, can't wait.
Sweet Mammoth
Then we have Burpless bush cucumber, straightneck squash and zucchini. I had to add some flowers, Sunpatiens, to delineate the sections.

It's a lot of work upfront to make a garden like this one, but once the foundations are established, it will be easy peasy from here forward.
As I shoveled I asked myself "What drives you to garden, getting sweaty, filthy and suffering the muscle aches?" It seems like a primal urge to me. I love to watch tiny seeds sprout and become something, either beautiful or edible or both. And to observe the changes, and get the thing to prosper, or survive, is so challenging and satisfying. My heart breaks when hail damages or drought threatens to dry everything to a crisp, but when nature cooperates, it is such a relief, and so wonderful. I just gotta have a garden.


  1. Melody, if you have a 2x6 or wider board, or a plywood scrap, you might be able to put that on top of the tarp and roll over it. It wouldn't take much length if you fold the tarp edge under it. If there's a construction dumpster near you it would be worth a peek.

    This week's quilt is gorgeous!

  2. I agree totally about watching the miracle of seed sprouting and then food. Yum! Looking good.

  3. Ooh! I love how this is looking so far! Smart of Dave to throw the clay in the bottom... might as well, huh? Looking forward to more progress reports! BTW, are you going to get a hot tub for the sore muscles? Just sayin'!

  4. Those things look deep enough to grow trees!

  5. Are you sure that awful dirt from your garden, that wouldn't drain in two days will make good drainage for your tubs? Won't it turn into a layer of hard pan that won't drain at all? I know I'm a little late to the party but better you find out before the whole tubs are planted.

  6. Diana from SC4:48 PM

    Not sure of the type of wheelbarrow you all have but I purchased a two-wheel one a few years ago. I love it.....yes, a senior tool.

  7. You guys are gonna make that yard gorgeous! Are there plans for a hot tub in your new digs??? You work hard enough out there that you deserve one! :-)

  8. I seem to be the only child of my mother who missed out on the gardening gene, and am feeling very unhappy about it right now. I do love to watch garden/ers though. (Cue the old joke: Work fascinates me. I could watch it all day.)

    I'm remembering when a sister enthusiastically said "Don't you want to get your hands dirty?" and that was specifically what I did not want. *sigh*


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