Sunday, April 27, 2014

Filled and Planted

 This serves to record the establishment of the new garden, which is mostly done. The framework is complete and there are a few new things that will be added, and some things waiting, that will be planted this coming week. The front is really my only shady spot and it is packed with my faves from years of dealing only with a shady garden.
 An unnamed hydrangea, with blue tips is starting to open, and will be getting fertilized asap. A pot of Sunpatiens joined with Stella d'Oro daylilies and June Hosta in partial sun/shade, hopefully everyone will like their spot.
 We have really decreased the amount of mulch and mushroom compost over the last two days. Dave has been a gem, filling two and a half tubs, alone. I was out visiting with my sister, taking a break from all the shoveling, and came home to nearly full tubs. So wonderful. We did fill the rest of them them today, together. Then we tackled planting the trees. Four Cleveland Pears along the back and three white dogwood went into our big purple pots.


Tub #1 has Dinner Plate Dahlias, and Stargazer Lilies planted, and Red Rocket snapdragons along one side. In front are Little Blackie and Marguerite Sweet Potato vines, which will cover the tub label in weeks to come.
Tub #2 has Peppers! 3 Poblanos, 2 Giant Marconi, 2 Big Bertha, 1 Red Bell and 2 Orange Bell.

Tub #3 has cucumbers, zucchini, straightneck squash, and basil. In the center is Provider green beans along with Sunpatiens for decoration. Tub #4 will have seeds planted (prepared in pots first) to test some new items. Cantaloupe, Rutabaga, and lots of round French carrots and multi-colored beets. Hyacinth Bean will be included again in this garden, and hopefully I'll find a good deal on clematis soon.
 In a red basket I have seeded chives, cilantro and Italian flat leaf parsley, along with pots of  Italian oregano, Mexican tarragon, and sage.
We are about to have a good soakin' rain, and that makes me if I could get any happier.   


  1. Dave is a real energiser bunny doing all that! Those tubs must take a truckload of filling ! I'm surprised Dave didn't hire one of those cute little lego-sized loaders to play with? Your garden's looking good already.

  2. I really like the pop of those cobalt blue pots in the front of your yellow house. It's so very happy looking. :-)

  3. Beautifully done! Hooray!!

  4. Wow - you guys have worked like navvies to get that done!
    DH and some friends dug a trench from the house to the garage today to lay new conduit for the power and internet (a guy's gotta have internet in his shed and it has to be good stuff, not wireless...). It's glacial till and I'm having a lovely time finding all sorts of pretty rocks :-0

  5. It's always a treat to drop by and see what you are up to! I love everything, as usual! If the man wants to paint pots... then please tell him about PlastiDip which now comes in a world of colors and is so great at covering... and if you don't like it then you just peel it back off. I'll be back when i have time to go back through and see all your photos. Settle in, get some rest, take care of yourselves!

  6. I love your happy yellow house and those tubs are amazing

  7. You guys tire me out. I feel a nap coming on.

  8. I love those blue pots at the front of the house. I can see that your garden is going to be lovely - it may take time, but in a few years it will beautiful.

  9. The pots. Love them. Ceramic? Will you bring those in during winter? The garden tubs. WOW they are big and yes a lot of dirt. Can't wait to see how they do.

  10. Your fence? If so, I thought how nice for the neighbors that you turned the finished side toward them.

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