Monday, July 18, 2011

The Lazy Days of July

It's been warm in the studio, warm enough to warrant a nap in the afternoon, which slows down my quilting progress greatly. But how lovely to have that nap and wake up reinvigorated and reinterested in life again. I am joined in the nap by my new buddy Chester (aka Dexter) who is becoming cuter and closer to me every day. He doesn't snore, and weighs half as much as Chumley, so if he steps on my soft parts, it's bearable. Unfortunately he farts, big gaseous clouds, so it's an even trade.
When I wake up it is like morning again and a walk through the garden is so lovely, and remembering to bring my camera, I have collected some of the sights. (There are dawgs in this slideshow, so be patient and click if it gets stuck.)


  1. Beautiful gardens. You could charge admittance!
    I've found myself nodding off too in our little heat wave, but sometimes I'm still very groggy afterwards and it's hard to get going. I don't so well in the heat.

  2. Kay C7:36 AM

    Your place looks like paradise! You have done a fantastic job with it.

  3. Anonymous7:40 AM

    Your slide show is just lovely and impressive and soothing and and and and.... to think that a large part of this area is NEW... if I were to make a mid July show it would be chrisp chrisp chrisp...perhaps in May I could start with color... so I am sticking to the sewing .... thanks for starting my day on such a lovely note.

  4. Dogs fart because of what they are eating or are fed. The rawhide bones, bark chips and people food all cause gas in dogs.

    Modify their diets and they won't fart anymore (or as much). They also won't be as chubby.

    My dog has managed to pile on 8 extra pounds and those 8 pounds could eventually shorten his lifespan, increase his chances of arthritis and cancer. He still eats sticks and small trees but we are trying to feed him less of everything else.

    Your garden is indeed lovely. I am working at keeping mine watered and weeded in this heat. And a good afternoon nap with the dog is a summer comfort.

  5. Thank you for sharing your beautiful garden. Mine is a wanna be. And naps are good. We have worked so long and hard for many years with no naps. I call it catching up. Bren

  6. Anonymous10:19 AM

    The garden is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Our dog had a lot of gas, but when we removed nearly all of the grains, rawhide bones, etc., that went away.

    Rhonda M.

  7. Your garden is beautiful. Mine is starting to have the July drearies with the heat and no rain. Love the climbers!

  8. LynneP12:06 PM

    Your gardens are stunning! All your (and Dave's) hard work has really paid off. What a joy.

  9. lovely! My garden can show some beauties in March and April but in Arizona in the's tough!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. Seeing your garden totally brightens my day.

  11. You DO have a way with plants, don't you? The gardens are just gorgeous. I love the colors, textures, variety, and dogs, of course!

  12. Wow, your gardens look like your quilts--lots of fantastic colors in varying shapes and sizes! You are a true artist with cloth AND plants. Thank you for sharing on your blog.

  13. We use baby gas drops when our dogs have gas. I buy the generic type at Walmart. Thank heavens it works!!

  14. Thank you for the garden walk this morning!

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