Monday, February 14, 2011

Trying it on for size

Yes I do need to add a few more inches to finish off this top. Maybe limey green like the sheet that is poking out under the edge. Or both pink and green as someone suggested. We'll see. I ordered 108" pink backing fabric and it should arrive today, late, so I have all day to dink around, waiting.

You may notice that there are no longer any guitars on this wall and that the room itself is now PINK. I am girly-fying this cottage room by room. Not Dave's room of course, but geesh, everything else is getting girlier. All the holes in the wall and ceiling were nicely patched and painted and the shade of pink is so light and airy and goes with the new quilt just right. Now I have two huge walls open for new artwork (the other is downstairs in the dining area).

I am so happy to have found the light fixture that works, is small enough and has the switch on the wire.

Fixture is old from Pier One and the shade came from Hobby Lobby in a set of three different sizes for $8. Last week I spent hours shopping for an overhead reading light, and came home empty handed. I already had the forgotten light fixture and found the lantern shade by chance. I won't be banging my head on this tiny light.
And I do plan on doing something more with this sleeping nook. I got headboard foam and batting and will make another headboard, ala the one in my other bedroom, aka the guestroom. And I must must must do something about a curtain. Geesh.

PS See much much better photos of our MQG-C show and tell here:
And your daily dawg:


  1. I love it and the pictures from your meeting were wonderful!

  2. I would put a lime green and pink on the quilt. There is less green in it and I think it would be a good accent against all the pink.
    Very pretty room. It sure doesn't take you long to take (do) over a room!

  3. I hate to say that I am not a big fan of pink but your top looks great. I would put a border of the auqa and then maybe the lime green. Will be courious to see what you do. I love how bright your quilts are and your home....

  4. Oh, Chumley! I love Chumley. Happy Valentine's Day, Chumley.

  5. I've always looked forward to your posts and am a little disappointed if there isn't one when I check my Google reader. Now I'm finding that I really expect to also see what Chumley's up to! What a wonderful little addition to your life and blog. Who would have thought a year ago that we would all be as "hooked" on him as we are on your art!

  6. Very springy! Love the daily dawg.

  7. I just can't stand a bed without a headboard. Yours is going to be very nice.
    I too love do not look forward to quilting large quilts. It could be because I have to do it on a regular sewing machine.


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