Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Studio Dinkin'

  Since I now have containers for scraps my first inclination of the day was to sort and store and of course toss out unusable scraps. So satisfying to have a place to put stuff. And also satisfying to have a clean slate to switch from piecing to quilting.

I decided on equal widths of the two colors, with a square between to add length and restate one of the theme fabrics in the quilt. I have more lime than pink left, so it will also be the binding, which brings me full circle on all the things don't enjoy about quilting: templates, accuracy, borders and binding. Nevertheless, I will love the product, if not the process. I am still an improviser at heart, especially of smaller quilts. Honestly I am dreading the quilting of this piece and even dreamt about it last night.

 While dinkin' away, clearing up the scrap pile I came upon some unused partial blocks and decided to try out my 60 degree template-ruler-thingy.
What I learned:
It would have been nice if all the blocks had the same size strips so there could be some concentricity. And I might be able to match seams, but DO I WANT TO?
Maybe, for a small product like a pillow...maybe.
Did I wake up cranky, or what?


Since I was waiting for my backing fabric to be delivered, I had time to make the headboard for my upstairs bed (from now on I am going to refer to this bedroom as the LOFT BEDROOM, which is what it is, not an enclosed room with four walls.).
I couldn't  find 4" thick foam in 22x44" sizes so I just bought two 22" square pieces, wrapped them in doubled high loft batting, and then encased them in muslin.
Then I ordered fabric in polka dots to cover it and make curtains.

Possible reason I woke up cranky. Snoring Bed Hog.

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  1. No you don't want those seams matching. I LOVE what you have done. As to the snoring bed hog - does he also push you out? LOL

  2. Hi Mel - I'm loving hearing about your quilt! I'm not finding the time to make one of my own this month, so I'm sewing vicariously through you??? Love your headboard idea - is it attached to anything or just wedged into the space?

  3. In my experience (YMMV) a cuddle with the pooch goes a long way toward chasing away the crankies ;)

  4. Anonymous1:28 PM

    You don't really SHARE your bed with the dog now, do you?

    We used to have our dog inside the house....ground floor. He was not allowed upstairs in the bedrooms, neither was he allowed inside the living room but he pretty much had the run of the big hallway and kitchen and eating area.

    My mom comes to visit and sees the dog inside the house and almost had a stroke! Well, our dog wasn't going out so mom had to get used to the idea of seeing a dog 'in the house'! Cultural differences.

  5. Love the "non-matching" block!

    My least favorite part of quilting is the quilting. I'm not very good at it and no matter how much I practice I just can't get the hang of FMQ! I love putting on the binding which a lot of quilter's hate but for me it's easy and I always get a nice binding.

    I woke up cranky yesterday and I didn't have a snoring dog bed hog to blame...LOL

  6. Anonymous2:25 PM

    I really enjoy your bloganditisthefirst one I read every morning. I am intrigued with your headboards and wonder if you have given written instructions on how you make them. I need to make two and wondered if you attach them directly to the wall? Thanks. Kathy s

  7. Correction: ADORABLE snoring bed hog!

  8. He's cute but if he's bugging your sleep pattern, out of the bedroom. Our dog used to shed so badly, that when you went to the bathroom at night, you came back with your feet covered with fur. Yuck. So a child gate was installed and no furry foot problems.

    Love your blog first thing in the morning! The colors always make me smile!

  9. This pattern is one of those no-brainers I call them -- one you do when you just want to sew and hear the machine hum. No way it requires seams to match.


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