Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mitered Mitten Pattern

Yarn: Light worsted or DK
Sized for Women's hand small
Needles: Size 5 double pointed needles, for larger sizes increase needles and yarn appropriately
Mitered Diamond based on 25 stitches = 3.5" diagonally or 2.5" on a side. See this post for mitered diamond/squares directions.

Crochet Cast-on See this video

For demo purposes these different colors will help to show the two sides of the top diamonds. It might help to make a similar sample to test gauge and to experience the technique.

First Diamond: Crochet cast-on 25 stitches and make diamond (green), slipping first stitch of every row to facilitate picking up later stitches.
Second Diamond: Unzip crochet waste yarn, exposing 25 live stitches and make second diamond (yellow).
Third Diamond: Pick up 25 stitches along edge of first diamond (two-colors) and make third or side diamond.

Make 4th, 5th and 6th(front and back diamonds) by picking up stitches from previous diamonds.
Side Diamonds 7 & 8 are where the right or left hand thumb will be added.
Left mitten. Picking up stitches from previous diamond, make #7 side diamond: pick up 7 stitches and then cast on 8, and pick up ten from the rest of the diamond. Knit diamond as usual, which will result in a gap between the new diamond #7 and the center front diamond #6. (#5 is the reverse diamond in this case).
Make #8 side diamond by picking up stitches as usual.

Thumb: With new yarn pick up stitches in gap between diamond and continue to pick up15 stitches total on three needles, evenly divided. Knit in rounds to just short of desired length, *K2tog, K1* repeat for two rounds. With darning needle pull yarn through remaining stitches and pull tight, fastening off yarn on the inside.
Bottom mitered triangles: Pick up 25 stitches and knit as usual with this exception: On right side, k1, k2tog at beginning and k2tog k1 at end of row, as well as center decreases. Ending with five stitches, bind off.
Cuff: Pick up stitches for cuff evenly around end of mitten, count the number and make a note to repeat this number on the other mitten.
Right mitten: Make thumb gap on side triangle #8 and continue as for Left Mitten.

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