Friday, October 16, 2009

Mitered Mini Neckwarmer

This is probably the easiest and fastest project to chase the chills I can devise.
I alternated Mini Mochi Merino and Happy Feet Merino (both superwash) and size 3 needles.
Diamonds are 25 st and then 25 stitches are picked up off the finished four diamond set and made up the neck covering. Then the collar is joined with a three needle bindoff at the front.
That's the whole pattern!
Because of the garter stitch pattern, there is plenty of stretch, even before blocking, so it lies flat and close to the neck. The Mini Mochi yarn is spun in graduated in colors and the Happy Feet is a painted multicolor yarn.
The colors are very Autumnal and the yarns are so soft and delicious on the bare skin, since they are really sock yarn, and I think I could make this over and over again in many color combinations.
Pattern: (For those unfamiliar with mitered diamonds see this post) Cast on 25 sts for mitered diamonds, and pick up and cast on 25 for second, and third diamonds. For fourth diamond, pick up 25 sts from edges of #2 and #3 diamonds. Finish fourth diamond and pick up 25 sts along main diamond set. Alternating yarns knit in garter ridges for appropriate neck size. Finishing with three needle bind off...which means picking up stitches from the other side of main diamond and using the stitches on needle to make the bind off on the wrong side.
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  1. SewsewLiz10:41 AM

    Don't laugh, but I can hardly wait until morning to see what you have created next. AND I can also do it!!! I am on triangle 3 and so far it looks good. Thank you, thank you.
    It is so much fun reading your blog.

  2. Adorable and it's cold enough here to wear it. Yep. and great for leftover yarn.

  3. Nice, I like it. It seems to be very fast and easily to knitt. I think, I will knit it for my daughter, she´ll love it.
    Best regards Christa

  4. Thank you for sharing. I really like it.

  5. I love the colors and the pattern! I had to go to the previous post to get a better understanding of the process involved and those "draft dodgers" are really pretty too. Thank you so much for the pattern. Now I have to find some pretty yarns to give it a try. Thank you.

  6. I haven't knitted in years but I think I might be able to do this. I went back and got the pattern and next I will get some needles and yarn. Maybe by the end of winter I will have a dickie, too.

  7. OPKnitter11:52 AM

    Great pattern - I'm already envisioning a half dozen good combinations from my stash. Many, many thanks.


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