Monday, October 12, 2009

My Baktus Scarf

I just had to try this Baktus scarf which everyone seems to have made already. I used a whole skein of Sophie's Toes Hand Dyed sock yarn, dyed by my friend Emily Parson, with the teeniest bit of leftover yarn.

Smart people figured out how much their yarn weighed before starting off and then when they were half done they knew it by how much the remainder weighed. I was too lazy to do that and it worked out anyway. Imagine my surprise.

Blazing Foliage is the color and it is 100g or 350 yards. I used #2.5 circular needles (so I don't drop and lose the second needle..) and it was a quick knit, great for tv watching.

It is about 65" wide from tip to tip and the back neck measures about 15 inches. Just light as a feather and soft and cuddly. I am sure it will be my newest favorite. Until the next thing I tackle anyway.
Speaking of the next new thing, I had this idea of back and front triangles like a kerchief, made with mitered diamonds, but knew I would run into trouble at the shoulder line. I figured that if I added a narrow and decreasing section on either side of the diamonds it might fill in that space and make everything work. While it may have worked on paper, I had to make a mock-up mini-version to make sure. See the squared off sides? That's the wedge for the shoulders.

Instead of finishing off the diamond completely I stopped decreasing the diamond and continued in ribbing. This trial showed me how the final product might look and will lead to a regular size version.

I will frog this and let it simmer before I try it for real.


  1. I've just spent the afternoon on Ravelry looking for something to knit to keep winter's cold from seeping down my neck here in mid-MO.
    Just seeing your other neck warmers has put me in the mood to knit something for myself.
    After all my Rav hunting here is your post and just the project this gal will start this evening AFTER I go through my Stash for some great yarn. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation.

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  2. That is so pretty! I must make one! In every color.....

  3. This is a cool scarf. I don't knit, though I learned as a child. I may have to relearn so I can make this.

    Kristin F. in SC

  4. hmmmmmmmm... this looks like one I can handle.

  5. Wow. That is really pretty. The yarn looks super soft and the color is gorgeous. I may try this one for myself...after the holiday knitting has passed. :0)

  6. Hi, Mel! I'm finally getting up courage to try your Baktus scarf, but I have a question: would kfb work as well as yo for increasing? I'm finding I get a large hole with the yo method, which looks pretty bad. I'm using sock yarn and size 6 needles if that helps any.

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    It WOULD be nice to know where the pattern is. IF it's on Ravelry - never mind - I do NOT need the hassle of trying to find it. It sure is a pretty one tho. And I most assuredly am NOT that other Idiot "anonymous". How very brainless. Jeannie

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