Monday, October 12, 2009

Pattern for Simon Cowl

Yarn: Sock or fingering weight, or light sport yarns work best for the drape.
Needles: Size 3 US
Cast on: 50-60 stitches depending on how tall you want it to be. I used 56. Note: I used a crochet cast on, picking up my stitches from the back loops of the chain, so that later I could unzip the crochet and have live stitches, facilitating the three needle bind-off closure.
Knit in garter, alternating two colors, and cut and changing colors whenever it suits you.
So that the cowl lies flat against the body I added short rows every 5-7 ridges. Here's how>>>

At the bottom end of the knitting, knit about 20 stitches and bring yarn to the front, slip the next stitch wrapping yarn around the slipped stitch and bring it to the back and turn work.

So that you can see what this looks like:

Knit back to the start of the row and turn. Knit that same row again and when the wrapped stitch is reached, pick it up along with the stitch and then knit them both as one.

That's it.

I made my cowl about 22" long before blocking. After blocking it was about 25" long. Then I joined the ends with a three needle bind off on the inside, making it totally invisible on the right side.