Saturday, August 22, 2009

Since You Asked...
What new books have grabbed your attention?
OK, what book are you reading that took you away from your 'art work'? Just curious!


I love a good police proceedural and courtroom thriller. I just finished all of Sheldon Siegel's books, and can't wait til he brings out a new one. I love his characters. In fact I think it is the characters that get me returning to read the whole series, if there is a continuing character. Love Harry Bosch from Michael Connelly and his Lincoln Lawyer Mickey Haller which returns again in the Brass Verdict. The Jesse Stone novels by Robert B. Parker are just super with most of them turning in tv movies starring Tom Selleck. I also love the Sunny Randall series by Parker.
For the longest time I couldn't find a time to read. I felt that I should be doing my work was first, and then there's the garden, cooking, housestuff...when could I read? But recently I decided to work in the morning and then get my book and footstool out to the porch and let the afternoon breezes flow over me while I get engrossed in murder. Since not much is worth watching on TV in the summer, I have kept on reading in bed until the words start dissolving and I have to close my eyes.
I wish I could say that I am reading literature, and working my way through the Great Books, but really, if there's no who done it?, I really don't care.


  1. I've gotten caught up in the Mariah Stewart series. They're listed as "romance" but really aren't..they're great mysteries and the "Dead" series and the "Truth" series each have FBI agents that carry through all the books. So hard to put down!

  2. You sound like me if it isn't a who done it I don't want to read it.

  3. Try "Trust No One" by Gregg Hurwitz. This is the first novel I've read by this author and I enjoyed it. Also like mysteries, Harry Bosch character etc. Karin Slaughter's books are good too. I finished "Fractured" while on vacation. My blog has art, photos & poetry. Found you through a link with Jeanne Lachance (I take art classes with her, she's a great teacher.)

  4. Try J.A.Jance, either the J.P. Beaumont series or the Joanna Brady series or both! Love a good mystery...

  5. I just finsihed "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" by Stieg Larsson. Wow what a ride and I don't usually like thriller/murder/mystery genre...

  6. I have collected all the Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich and was even lucky enough to meet her at a book signing. I also like Susan Wittig Albert. I thought I was going to add a little "culture" to my summer reading this year and started reading Jane Austen's novels but I got bored. I think it is the language that is hard for me to get through. I love mystery's but don't like the "blood and guts" type that are too explicit. We have a used bookstore in town and it is great to just go and try something new that I haven't read before. If I don't like it, I take it back and get something else :)

  7. Anonymous11:29 AM

    I agree with Colleen, I love Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series. And I especially love listening to the books on cd and downloaded from the library while I quilt. Also, quite enjoyed "A Comedy of Manners" by Lois Bujold McMasters. Its SciFi but it has the funniest dinner scene ever. I guess I have been hungry for laughter.

    Another mystery series without the comedy is Donna Leon's Venice mysteries. They too make a great summer read.


  8. My kind of reading! I just finished "Guilt" by John Lescroart. I also like James Patterson, David Baldacci, Steve Martini, Robert Tanenbaum, and Jonathan Kellerman. I used to feel guilty about reading fiction, but I guess I am now at that age where I say "why not?".

  9. I love Michael Connelly, too. I can hardly wait for Nine Dragons to come out this fall - the latest Harry Bosch. Make sure you read The Last Coyote - another Harry Bosch, if you haven't already. It came out years ago but I think it is just about the best Harry Bosch.

  10. I too just finished "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" which was a complex, multilayered mystery, and hard to put down. A great read.

    Lisa Scottoline is a lawyer turned author, and has written quite a number of legal thriller type books, mostly involving female attorneys. It's light reading, but fun.

    I just read an older book (I'm making good use of the public library these days) called "Flower Net" by Lisa See. She is part Chinese. She also wrote "Dragon Bones" and both are detective type books involving China. Both are very good reads.

    Have you read any of the Scarpetta series by Patricia Cornwell? I find them fun and interesting.

    Have fun reading!

  11. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Just finished Spade and Archer by Joe Gores. It's a prequel to The Maltese Falcon. Every bit as hardboiled as the original and great fun. Also, Laurie R. King has a good series - The Mary Russell books.

  12. Anonymous3:24 PM

    I have just finished Knock Out by Catherine Coulter, it was very good. I like all her FBI thriller series

  13. Another great series, John Sanford's Prey books...Lucas Davenport is a great character and Sanford has really developed him over the years.

  14. I've just discovered the mystery/courtroom books of Harlan Cobern. The Woods was terrific with lots of humor. Cobern's books are read by Scott Brick, one of the best! Melody, I download books through the library for free, so I can listen to books and work at the same time.

  15. hilary3:21 AM

    For decades I didn't care for mystery novels but started enjoying them in middle age. My faves: P.D. James, Deborah Crombie, Peter Robinson, Ian Rankin, Elizabeth George (the BBC adaptations of her Inspector Lynley novels shown on PBS are awful, IMO).

  16. I love my books on tape/CD! I have one in my sewing room always 'on' and of course another book in the car (always on!). At times when cleaning, I'll put my small cassette in a fanny pack and off I and reading! The best way to go! I save the hard cover books for TV watching when I don't have any hand work. Yes, I multi task!

  17. Forgot! I don't buy these! I get them from our library! Way to go for us retiree's! They also have a new 'gadget' called a Play-a-Way which is tiny and slips in your pocket! Again, free from library!

  18. I've been enjoying Louis L'Amour for the past few years... westerns! But I have noted several authors you listed. We have a great used book store in town where I can buy, read, then bring back to resell if I want!

  19. Please try Deborah Crombie and Fred Vargas. They are both wonderful series with great characters!

  20. Stuart Woods and Brain Freeman are really good reads as well.

  21. Thanks for all the suggestions! I read every night. Have you tried Faye Kellerman's mysteries? They always have a Jewish cultural element, which makes them fascinating. And the characters progress with time in each successive book.

  22. My favourites from this side of the Atlantic - Stieg Larsson, Henning Mankel, Ian Rankin, P.D.James, Peter Robinson and Elizabeth George. From the US - Michael Malone, Kathy Reichs and Sara Paretsky.

  23. Anonymous11:27 PM

    Did you know the Jesse Stone show was filmed in Nova Scotia?? Yep- 2nd time I have had Tom for a neighbor. BTW, he is a WONDERFUL human being (beside the fact that he is still gorgeous)!

    Looking forward to seeing you in Kalamazoo next August.


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