Saturday, November 19, 2005

Last Day in California

I return home tonight, after having been away for two weeks. The plane trip begins at noon and I'll arrive in Chicago at 9:15. Is that long enough? Geesh. Good thing I have something to knit on the way.
I am tired but very happy. This has been a great working year and I have learned a lot. My confidence has risen and that makes me a better teacher and a better listener. I want to reach my students with the ways of creativity that I have 'figured out' over the years. When I see the lightbulb turn on, it is so wonderful for us both. sigh. I am very lucky.

Now when I get home, after laundry, I will see what my husband has been up to, for lo these two weeks.

My cats might look up and notice my return. I know Jet is waiting patiently for my lap.

I am meeting Laura and Frieda for coffee on Monday, which is a date we squeezed into our schedules...isn't it funny how when we were kids we saw our pals everyday and now we have to make dates to get together?

And then I really have to get back to work. . .


  1. It HAS been a good year. Thanks for sharing, you are an inspiration.
    OK, you got me. I was reading along, nodding, thinking how clever you are to have your stock collection of handy blog photos, then I got to the last one and almost spit my coffee out on the keyboard. Enjoy your homecoming. Jen

  2. Anonymous11:21 AM

    hope you had a great trip home. It's so wonderful that you've had success in your classes and success in selling some work. How lucky to have you blogging the how-to's for those of us not able to get to class. Yea Mel!!!!The trip seems to have aged you dramatically though. Too much sunshine can cause rot. Hugs, Dee

  3. Anonymous5:12 PM

    You're not smiling in your black and white photo!

  4. I cracked up off of that last photo! LOL!

  5. I'm glad it's been a good year for you. You're a great source of inspiration for me (though at the moment, it's more "in my mind" than anywhere else) and I check out your blog daily, if possible.

    As for your comment on friendship, you're right, it's a shame that we don't get to see our friends on a daily basis. But I also find that back in the old days, seeing one another daily was a necessity to keep the friendship going, whereas now it's more quality than repetitiveness. And that to me (working mum, hubby, two kids, active social schedule and too many hobbies) that's a definite bonus.


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