Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Breakfast with The Talent

Shawl #1

I haven't seen the girlfriends in weeks, due to my being in Sunny California and they being in Houston or Tennessee or home or wherever. So it was our plan to meet for breakfast at a gourmet restaurant in a town between our houses. At this sumptuous feast I am enjoying a Breakfast Burrito and a large Decaf.

Time was limited, so we scheduled minutes for each of us to verbally download the adventures (gossip) from all the people and places we have been during our working days. It was breathtaking to hear all the good stuff we each had experienced. Then it was show and tell time and I had a few books (Ton Schulten) and a few new knits to share.

Shawls #9, #6 and #5 ( for Rose's birthday, I am just modeling it, she is owning it).

Shawls #8 and #7.

Shawl #4

Well, I have to keep busy while I am away. I packed a lot of yarn and bought more in California.

Shawls #3 & #2

Then Frieda decided to see how they would look all together.

Other diners know better than to sit near us. They congregate in the back (where the audience is supposed to sit) since we are the entertainment.

O, if I only had a longer neck!

Up to the eyebrows in shawls.

Here is the pattern again.

Using large needles like 11's or 13's and two yarns, like a worsted weight (around 200 yards )and a fluffy one like Fun Fur or Festive Fur (about 3 balls), cast on two stitches.

Using Garter or Stockinette Stitch, Increase 1 st at the beginning of every row. If using Stockinette Stitch make the first three and last three stitches in garter to prevent rolling, and knit until desired width is achieved. Then cast on 20 stitches at each edge to start ties. Knit for desired width of ties, still increasing one stitch at the beginning of each row. I used Garter stitch for my ties in all cases and the shawls that used Stockinette, the garter stitch rows formed a nice collar, as in shawl #4.

These took about five hours each, are truly mindless and enjoyable knitting and can be done in the airport, on board or in front of the TV.

Speaking of TV... my dh rented a great dvd called Long Way Round. Sure it is about motorcycles, but it stars Ewan MacGregor (including his mosquito bitten butt) and Charley Boorman, who has wonderful eyes. It is a two dvd set, but I am telling the truth that it is mesmorizing, death defying, and fabulous. I laughed and cried and was spellbound.