Sunday, July 13, 2014

Painted Quilt #2

 Painted Quilt #2
Acrylic, stamping, drawing, collage on watercolor paper, mounted on cradled wood panel, 10x10x1"

Are my quilts collages or are my paintings reminiscent of quilts? Yes, both. Collages are an additive process and so are most of my fused quilts. The real difference here is that there is so much more pattern than I usually put in my quilts, and that is because printed fabric is someone else's design, so I avoid it, most of the time. I do love dots and stripes, and those don't carry as much of someone else's personality. But I digress. 
With these painted and stamped papers that I have made, I can arrange them into a composition that has a quilt-y look and that satisfies me deeply. I get to paint, draw, and design to make it mine. 


  1. What fun! continue to enjoy! (best of both worlds)

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