Thursday, July 10, 2014


First, may I address all your wonderful comments from yesterday's post.
I was amazed at all the care you all took to help me out, which was lovely. Thanks so much. However, I was so much happier when I dropped the sewing idea completely. Ha!
 I was also amazed that so many of us have the same issues with patterns, and our mature figures. I have some patterns that I make over and over again because they work, and usually they require knit fabrics, which of course, have built in ease. In real life I so rarely wear woven clothing, I admit. T-shirt, knit tops etc. The sleeveless versions of the patterns I used fit perfectly, but my arms, especially since I lost 30 lbs, look like very wrinkled fish bellies, and are not for public display.
Funny that no one suggested that I just go ahead and order a garment or two from Marketplace of India! I'll figure out something else to do with my quilt fabric...besides quilting it. Eventually.
Thanks again for chiming in. I so appreciate that you are there for me.
And now to answer a request about the garden.
 Cantaloupe are coming along nicely. We have about 8 total, I think, altho some more may be hiding under the sweet potato vines. And we have two adorable figs!
 This one fig tree has outgrown all the others. At least 14 inches of new growth. I am thrilled.
 And do we have peppers! Poblanos, Grand Marconis,
And Bells of the Orange and Red varieties. Unseen but still growing are the beets. Poor beets. Covered almost completely by the monstrous sweet potato vines.

I am amazed at the size of the rutabagas. Their leaves have become lace from the cabbage worms but they still seem to be getting bigger anyway. I will have a lot of mashed rutabaga dinners this fall.

 We have lots of cute watermelons. One big one, which is still only an icebox size. I mean it is smaller than a basketball.
 Plenty of basil, parsely, from seed! and the huge new variety of basil, Mammoth. What big leaves.

 The squash and cucumber continue to overproduce for our needs and I have given away so much more than we have eaten, that I am ashamed. I loved seeing the big plants and all the fruit they produced but I think it was the last time I will grow them. My spindly tomatoes are full of fruit and I have kept up with eating those. Yum!
The front yard...meh. It is too hot and not shady enough for my hydrangea. Darn. They are burning and crispy. The hosta seem to be ok, but I will have to rethink this spot for next year. Sunpatiens are all a mess, and really couldn't be grown in this hot and sunny climate. We live and learn. I should have a sign in the garden with that slogan pasted on it.


  1. Wow! Your crops are doing great! Sorry to see the front is not doing as well, but you're right... it takes time to find what works, and where. We've been here over 11 years now, and I'm still learning. Trees! I definitely do well with those here, as long as I protect them from the elk!

  2. I was going to comment on your last sewing about a garden update? Cant you plant some trees in the front for some shade? Vegetable gardening in Fl is more like Jan. (if we dont get a freeze) to April. Everything edible droops or burns here in the Fl. heat. That being said, it is the rainy season and all other plants grow like crazy. I could mow the lawn every 5 days. I've never grown basil from seed, I may have to try it because I spend a fortune on plants.

  3. I call it trowel and error

  4. What an abundance! My excess courgettes I cook up with onions and tomatoes and freeze. They last me all year. When I lived in the US I made courgette bread. The cucumber can be pickled, especially if you catch them small.

  5. You could plant a tree in your front yard to supply the shade. It would probably grow 10 feet in it's first year at your place!!! Thanks so much for the garden eye candy!!!

  6. Just yesterday I was discussing rutabaga with my grown grandson. (Imagine that!) He asked if many people grow it in gardens and I replied "not likely". Now I know better. My husband's family is of Norwegian descent and we all are mad for mashed rutabaga. As I say, you can make just about anything yummy with enough butter and cream. I am so in awe of your garden. You seemingly pitched in a few seeds and WHOA..stand back. Living in Seattle....the shade garden is my speed. Lots of hostas and ferns. Wise choice to abandon the clothes sewing. I finally gave up that dream awhile ago too. Love your blog. First on my list every morning.

  7. There were many foods as I child that I did not eat ...... until I had to in order to leave the table. Most of them I now eat in season and with good cheer. Summer squash is not one of those. So to hear you debate about even growing them in the future, I am cheering!!!!

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