Sunday, June 08, 2014

Painting Day 5

Acrylic, modeling paste, stamping, collage on watercolor paper. 10" square.
It's a good sign when I can't wait to get up to the studio to post my latest work. I am still so excited.
With this piece I tried a new technique. I squiggled paint on my palette and laid a piece of deli paper on it, lifted the paint and transferred it to the painted paper. And then I did it again and later used the remaining image again as collage.

Acrylic, modeling paste, stamping, graphite, ink and collage on watercolor paper. 10" square.
On this piece, I covered the paper with modeling paste, and stamped things into the wet paste. Let it dry and then painted and collaged and stamped over the textures. SOLD

Acrylic, modeling paste, stamping, collage, brayer print, fingerprints on watercolor paper. 12" square.
Here's that same lifted print from the first painting, used as collage. My new stamps all got used in this piece, as well as the squirt bottle of paint.

Could this be any more fun?
Note the different moods evoked by each color scheme. The first has black in the mix and that really makes it so serious. Ha! I am trying to not use straight out of the tube colors, making new shades on the palette. And of course I love that I can mat and frame these with colored frames, instantly, thanks to Picasa 3. O if this were only so easy in real life.
Later today I will be lunching with my friend Mary and showing her this work in person. I will be trying to explain what it is that I am doing and why some of this stuff is working while others are not.
Thinking about it ahead of time hasn't helped much. I know that what motivated me originally was looking at the work of artists who are doing work like this all the time, and I wanted to play the game too. What are the rules? How is it done? Can it be as easy as it looks?
It is not as easy as it looks. On Thursday I hated everything I did and was ready to forget this whole thing. (or jump off a bridge, as I am so dramatic.) But coming back to it and getting 'the look' I was aiming at on Friday kept hope alive. So I will continue to make more until I feel that I know how to do it.
In theory I would love to have a gallery show, but in reality, I don't want to sell my work through a gallery. I like working directly with the viewer, no middle man. But I would love to see it all hanging in a big room. That would be thrilling. And of course I would love to have them all framed, just as they look here. Sigh.


  1. I love what you are doing! And the learning curve is to be expected... at least any time I have tried something new, I experience that. Glad you are sticking it out because your results are great! And I think you should try to find a gallery... you do fabulous work, and there is a lot to be said for being able to meet your public face to face. That's why I do A/C shows... it's a lot of work, but the benefit is I get to schmooze with the buyers...

  2. I guess I can understand why you paint, but to emulate anthers work is crazy when you do such amazing work on your own! Perhaps you should stick to quilting. NO ONE can do the quilts you create…..seriously!

  3. Accelerate looks like your quilting style.

  4. As soon as I saw these come up on my screen today, I was so excited. I feel like this is the best work you have done so far. I keep going back and looking again - I see something new every time I look. You have such talent, no matter what you attempt. Bravo!
    (this is my 2nd comment - lost the 1st one)

  5. Hey Melody,
    Go for whatever your heart tells you to do no matter where you get your inspirations from. You are a lot like me "allover the place" and this is fine. Creative people like us are never satisfied with doing just one thing and especially the same old thing. Some cannot be as diversified and are stuck in a rut. Again, I say go with your heart. xoxo

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