Friday, May 30, 2014

Make Me a Quilt : Bonus Quilt

Treehouse Series #9
Hand dyed and commercial cottons, fused, hand embroidered, machine quilted. 16 x 18.5" Sold.

 I had been thinking about doing another treehouse quilt and had reserved this pink into orange piece of fabric and yesterday I got to use it. Today I did the stitching and quilting, inside, in the cool. So satisfying.
I intended to take an afternoon nap, but the couch was busy.



  1. They have you well hour trained Melody!! Lovely quilt. I usually prefer ones with no/very little commercial fabrics, but this one just sings, doesn't it. You deserve your zizz!

  2. Wonderful! And I love a good LOL so early in the morning!

  3. Hello, I found your blog by looking at some of the blogs in the sidebar over at BrownDirtCottage's blog. I've enjoyed both your beautiful quilties, and your gardening photos.

    I think it's funny to stumble across you today, as I just found out this morning that I'm the winner of the 'Melody' BabyLock machine that was given as a prize over at the Blogger's Quilt Festival. I hope to enjoy the discovery of both Melodies.....I'm going to put this blog in my sidebar too ! I adore gardening and quilting, both !

  4. This quilt is just the tree house theme. my dog would fit right in with yours, Bugsy is like the princess and the pea...always on top of a pillow or two.

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