Thursday, March 06, 2014

Update: Behind the Scenes

The recipient of this quilt, Debra, chose to have the back fused on, and I think it looks nice. I used hand dyed cotton, which was already in my stash of fused fabrics, and cut it slightly smaller than the whole finished size, and then fused it in place. I added the label, also fused and sewed in the rod pocket with some ease for the hanging device.
I made this quilt last year, so that is noted on the label.
My friend Kay Sorenson sent me a link to her blog where she showed she did something similar for one of her pieces. See it here.
It's been a month since we bought this house and believe it or not, we are still bringing stuff from the old house, here. We finally had a warm sunny day, so it was perfect. I did a bit of floor washing, vacuuming and closet tossing,  but mostly it was loading the van and my car with stuff, like another sofa, coffee table, another TV and a cabinet or two. There are still things in the garage, and closets that must be moved, but we are getting there.
And then we had to rearrange furniture (our fave) in order to find places to squeeze in the moved items.
I might, I say might, find some time today to quilt. Sigh. So happy...all my new lights are finally in.


  1. Glad to hear you are making progress on the move... any nibbles yet on the old place?

  2. The new studio looks great! Have to love good lighting in a creative space - I just installed a brooder light over my cutting table that can be re-positioned or even removed. Nowhere as pretty as your lights but better than trying to cut dark fabric in shadows. Glad to hear the move is getting closer to the finish line.

  3. Are you pleased with the lighting? No dark spots?

  4. Your lighting seems to be so clean, white, with no yellow or green cast to them. Are the bulbs daylight bulbs? Please share with us the kind of lighting because yours are fantastic.

  5. Thats what I do with my smaller art quilts, except I fuse on the back then fuse the binding or front on top of it.

  6. Thats what I do with my smaller art quilts, except I fuse on the back then fuse the binding or front on top of it.

  7. Let there be light!

  8. Still moving... gives me the willies - have been here 27 years and it is scary to think of moving. I use to have energy but no longer. Thanks for Kay's blog link, I had lost that link.

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