Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Collaborating with Martha R


Hello Melody, 
 It took a long time to find most of my favorite quilts I have treasured, and to gather them into one email. Even now, I have the feeling that I've misplaced some of my other favorites. Honestly, if all were included, the email would most likely not go through to you.

Cherry Street is probably one of my most favorites because it is so joyful and reminds me of Marimekko color choices. I also like the range of values, the hand embellishments, the stripes, and the little dots I so dearly love. I particularly admire the way you take the static square and make it so lively. 
To answer your questions, 1) size 18";  2) square;  3) high contrast [because that is how I think of your work];  4) hand quilting as embellishment;  5) abstract imagery;  6) I guess fused [because that will give you more flexibility, and I assume the two quilts above were fused…or were  they fused AND pieced?; and  7) [which you didn't request] some fabric with a sheen might be wishful thinking. (I love the blends of the dyes on the quilt immediately below). 

I think if I take any more time to pinpoint further most valued aspects of your quilts, you might give up on getting a response!  But I have included some of your quilts that I most admire and hope this is enough to inspire you. 

Best wishes to you and Dave in your new home,
Martha R


  1. Every time I see your work I swoon--just fabulous!

  2. I saw some fabric in a craft store the other day and the first thought that came to mind was "Fibermania colors" Your quilts are just beautiful!

  3. Eye Candy galore!! I just love what you do with fabric!


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