Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Baktus for Barb

 I received a very nice email from Barb in Washington asking if I would make her a Baktus scarf. It just so happened that I had nothing going knitting-wise, the Baktus is no stress knitting,  and her colors were already in my stash, so nothing prevented me from casting on. Note to those awaiting jackets: I will start the next person's jacket immediately! (Nancy B, that is YOU).
I used four balls of Mini Mochi merino, size 7 needles and it measures 66" wide.
  And the bobble edge completes the scarf. Wear it in good health Barbara!
Dave and I went shopping at Target for a wire shelving unit for the storage room. I have one already and it has wheels which makes it easy to move and we love to move things around. But while we were there I had him look at this little cabinet. Red + turquoise has suddenly become my color scheme for the new house, and this little piece enticed me. It was on sale and we snapped it up. The stereo fits the top and it houses the glassware and soon-to-be liquor. 
And I got the wire shelving put together upstairs in about 20 minutes. It would have been sooner, but I was working alone. It is full already and tucked away in the storage room adjacent to my studio. Not pictured: all the stuff I lugged upstairs for two days. I am way buff!
Tony the Tormentor loves to be with me in the studio, and so I fashioned a doggie bed from our old twin headboard-cushion and a quilt. He stays right next to my sewing machine while I sew. So sweet.  He is not in this picture as he was at the window barking at a non-existent intruder. 


  1. Anonymous10:29 AM

    Yeah, I'm next, can't wait! Thanks Melody...Nancy on L.I.( where we are melting the mounds of snow.)

  2. Melody, I'm so excited to get the Baktus! It looks just lovely and such wondeful colors! Thank you so much for your labors! I will think of you each time I wear it and smile!

  3. We have the same taste. Love the colors in the baktus, but have never seen one before. Just yesterday, I purchased similar wire shelving from Costco. Also, I have eyed the same cabinet (in wood colors) at Target.

  4. Damn those non-existent intruders! My Scooter feels the need to bark at all of them, too. Looking forward to seeing pics of the new studio as it comes into being.

  5. I recently realized the pleasure of red and turquoise. They sure can be nice together.

    The first picture of the cabinet with the dog reflection confused me at first: a window? A cage (gasp) for a dog? I figured it out, though. (relieved smile)


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