Sunday, January 12, 2014

Don't Cry for Me, Argentina

Thank you all for the kind words, about the Fireflies quilt and about us selling and moving. Now that the decision has been made, we are all excited about the prospect and are spending hours online shopping for homes.It is kind of like how I feel when I finish a big art piece, that I am satisfied and ready for my next challenge. The creative process is the thing and we look at the possibilities of the next place with the same eagerness to make it our own. Not that I am up for another renovation right away. Far from it. But the possibility of tweaking a new place, adding some Hosta to the yard, finding which room will be my new studio, getting a different kitchen, all so exciting. Of course we are flip flopping back and forth about where to go, since now we know the area so much better.
We think it would be good to be near downtown Chattanooga, the river, museums, shopping, entertainment and the all -wonderful Lowe's. There are a lot of arty neighborhoods, and University of Tennessee is also right there, in case something entices me in the way of further education. I'd also love to find a really 'contemporary' church to attend and meet new people. 
Mostly we are hoping to be doing less wood chip hauling, tree chopping, stone wall building and fence erecting.
On Monday we are meeting with our realtor and looking at two vastly different homes, price wise, location and size wise. This will be interesting, food for thought and triggers for the imagination.


  1. Ooh! Exciting! I hope you can take us along!

  2. Melody, your attitude is always so awesome. Must be why we are all fans! ;)
    All the best to your Dave and you and keep enjoying the journey together!
    <3 judi

  3. Yes I'm wow'd by your attitude after all that work in the current house. Heck I haven't even gotten around to new curtains for the freshly painted bedroom. I'm so glad the journey seems so exciting and I wish you the very best. Can't wait to hear the results.

  4. Anonymous2:57 PM

    If you could take your attitude and creative energy and bottle it in a small package,I'd be the first in what I'm sure would be a long line of happy customers! I'm looking forward to following you as you embark on your new adventure. Julie

  5. Your optimism is inspiring! I always feel better after I read your blog entries. Good luck with the house search!

  6. Soo exciting....have fun. I look forward to following your search!!

  7. You put your brand of magic and color everywhere you live. It will be exciting to watch the next chapter... Maybe a fenced in backyard for the boys?

  8. Ah, Melody, The buyers of your home will be so lucky! The gardens and the interiors are so carefully documented on your blog; it will be like buying a "famous" house from HGTV. Maybe you can use that to get just the right buyer..will you tell your Realtor who you are? .meanwhile, I also admire your attitude and your enthusiasm for starting anew, and you are my hero! Thanks for showing us the path and illuminating the darkness...I look forward to hearing about your journey.

  9. Can't wait to follow your journey down it's new path! All the best to you & Dave for a successful house hunt. Fingers and paws are crossed that you find just the right place to make your own.

  10. Yes, you are forward looking, finding excitement in what will be. That's the way to go. I admire your spirit and energy. It sounds exciting though, maybe some smaller gardens and yard but also the nearness of more city and cultural things.

  11. I am every shade of green that exist with envy for the extremely lucky new owners of your Shangri La.

    I look forward to following the process and journey as you explore your next home and watching you transform your new home into another work of art.

  12. Your fun and can do attitude will get you through this move. I hate moving as it's such a big job but, on the other hand, moving into something that will suit you better and meet your husband's needs will put you both in a better frame of mind. I will continue to follow your blog and hope that the transition is as easy as can be. Sounds like the area you are thinking of would be perfect. All the work you've done in your current place will not go to waste as it's so lovely now it should be an easy sell. Best wishes, and keep on going!

  13. Wow - I am amazed! You've just gotten the house in a different form for your lovely man's needs and now?
    However, it does sound like a very good idea. Being closer to town has so many advantages. DH loved Chattanooga when he visited - he raved about the food (which isn't something we did after visiting Cheyenne in Wyoming! LOL).

    1. LOL .. yes, my DH and I moved to Cheyenne almost a year ago and can whole-heartedly agree with your DH that the food isn't that great. ;-)

  14. Did you finish the current reno project?? I don't remember seeing finished pics. It's always been an "adventure" when we moved (which was a LOT) and we've learned something about the buying/selling process every time we moved. I love looking at houses and seeing the (possible) potential for each one. You just know when it's the right fit the first time you walk into a place. Good luck with your search. I don't envy you the actual move, much "stuff"!!!

  15. Why am I not surprised by the upbeat optimism about a major life challenge? I salute you. We all do!

  16. I wish you all the best in the search for your new home.

  17. Karen in Iowa3:04 PM

    Whoa, first of all, you had a different week last week! I admire your strength and courage to push on and I wish you both well! It has an exciting edge and the best thing--you will take us all with you on your new journey and I am ready to go! So, know that you are cherished and upheld as you begin the next steps!

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