Friday, January 03, 2014

A Few Process Photos

To begin, I use the release paper from the Wonder-Under as tracing paper. Just to be clear, it no longer has any fusible on it. I trace the shape of the sky area and cut it out exactly on the lines I have drawn. Then I lay the already fused fabric glue side up and flip over the pattern piece and lay it down. Using my hot iron, I tap the pattern paper in several spots to fuse it in place so I can cut around the pattern. I cut about a 1/4" away from the pattern piece, to allow for overlap, or underlap, depending on what comes next in the design. The second photo shows the 'sky' flipped over to the right side.

Next I cut the silks for the moon, from several different pieces, and fuse those together as a whole. I have placed the moon in its spot and will begin to cut and place the hill shapes. The second photo here shows a hill shape cut out, and placed under the moon shape (that darker green is my cutting mat) and a pattern for the next piece of hill. I want the color lighter near the moon and darker as it moves away towards the bottom or sides of the composition. While I am cutting the pieces, I have the original drawing as a guide to place each piece where it belongs. The pattern pieces are numbered, and I also make notes of the top or edge so I can decide where to place the piece on the fabric for best contrast. I will wait to fuse the hill pieces together until I have cut them all.

When all the shapes are cut, I put the original tracing (still on the release paper) down first and begin to overlap the hill shapes where they belong and then fuse them together. Here is the completed background.

Design-wise I have planned for intersecting lines of the trees to follow the curves of the hill shapes, as well as the moon sections. Next comes big decisions about what colors the trees will be, and then the leaves, and of course more decisions about quilting. Stay tuned.
 The weather had turned colder, windier and now we have freezing rain. The dawgs want to go out but the wind turns them right around and in they come. So they are bored. Can't I make it nice again?

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  1. well done, forwards to the next step!!!!

  2. It's stunning already! Who else would have a stash of gorgeous hand-dyed fabrics like those to choose from? I love how you angled the sky. I think most of us would have set it in there horizontally but obviously we would have been wrong. And the hills are wonderful. Very fun and thought provoking to watch!

  3. I'll be holding my breath til tomorrow. The Dawgs clearly expect you to do something about the weather "Right Now, Please!" We're dog-sitting our son's Goldie who is on 'rest' as she's either strained a leg or developing arthritis and she gets very tetchy when we don't take her when we do out - she communicates every bit as well as your two do!

  4. I just love the looks on the faces of the dawgs! Here is Australia we are in a heat wave, so our doggies are seeking to stay inside to escape the heat.

  5. Really enjoy seeing the process. Thank you.
    I think you have translated for the dogs precisely!

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