Friday, December 27, 2013

Make Me a Quilt : Cherry

Over and Under
Hand dyed silks, and hand dyed cottons, fused, hand embroidered, machine quilted.
18.5" square.

To review Cherry's wish list:
1. size 18 "
2. vertical orientation
3. Love earthy colors with high contrast
4. Fancy machine quilting and hand stitching
5. Imagery- hmm not sure what all those words mean-
But like geometric and atmospheric
6. Pieced, hand dyed cottons and silks
We discussed the fact that all the work of mine that she liked happened to be fused, not pieced, and agreed that I would be making her a fused design. There were lots of luscious earthy colors in my collected silks and I couldn't wait to put them to use. Silk shows the quilting so well, so I designed large areas for just that. Hand stitching is also included and that was so relaxing for me, as I could sit and stitch, with my feet up. peaceful.

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  1. Anonymous7:53 PM

    This is just so the quilting as well as the colors. Julie

  2. Nice one! Happy holidays and thanks for so much inspiration all year long!!!


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