Friday, December 06, 2013

Collaborating with LynneP

I am very excited!!  Thanks. 
As far as what I would like, I am very color driven. Strong pure colors are my favorite-rainbow, bright, loud.  Cobalt blue and turquoise being among the favs. (Brooke’s quilt #3, Ojo de Dios #1).
 (You know, my sister Brooke made this quilt)

You choose the shape (please no wonky edges.) and size that works best for your composition;  I would like up to the 24” size, or whatever it turns out to be. I will find a perfect spot in my home to display my wonderful new piece!

I would be happy with pieced or fused, some of your beautiful machine quilting with some hand quilting for accent. (Love the hand quilted circles in Orange Ave., Cherry St., Tiny Two and Stripes.)

As far as imagery, I’m kinda all over the place. Geometric and botanical I guess might be my favs. I like the skinny lines, circles/dots and juxtaposed rectangles that are in the Urban Landscape series
Hand dyed cottons, fused. hand and machine quilted. Each is 9x21"
, the tree images in Under a Silken Moon,
 leaves, house images from both the Pine Tree series and the Treehouse series,

 Elaine’s Ring Toss, and the Treehouse series as a whole.  Does this give you enough to work with?
Fibermania: Ring Toss : Elaine's Quilt 

From Me: Wow! Yes, I have some ideas and will get started right now.


  1. I love Lynne's "As far as imagery, I’m kinda all over the place." Seems Melody can't make anything we don't love!
    Martha Ginn


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