Monday, November 25, 2013

Collaborating with Cindy

Hi Melody, I'm so excited that it's my turn! This is such an inspiring project, and I've been eagerly reading your blog each day to see what you're creating.
I love your bright happy colors and improvisational style.
 I want to give you plenty of room to work without too many restrictions, so here are a few of my favorites:
Radiant Orb - for the happy colors, circular design and stitching
Desert Sky - for the composition and the stitching
Stack Series - for the depth of composition
Cross Series Citrus and Leaf Light - for the leaf motif that drew me to your work years ago and the wonderful lime green in Citrus
Cruciform Series Green - for the stitching and the color
Tree House #7 - for the whimsy
Bon Bon 2 for the wonderful color

And here are the answers to your specific questions
1. choices of size: 24"
2. orientation: horizontal, vertical, square completely up to you
3. color scheme: pastel, high contrast, dark and murky, neutrals, vivid, earthy - bright, high contrast 4. surface treatments such as hand quilting, fancy machine quilting, hand or machine embroidery, embellishments or stamping/paint (no beading!) - I love your machine quilting, so I'd like it to have that at least, and whatever else suits you
5. imagery: abstract, botanical, geometric, atmospheric - probably abstract, but I'm open to your creativity!
6. fused or pieced. no hand applique. - either fused or pieced is fine

Thanks, and I look forward to collaborating with you on this project. I can't wait to see what you come up with! Let me know if you need anything else. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks so much for doing this.

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