Monday, November 11, 2013

Change of Mind

Yesterday I mentioned that I was going to assemble these wire shelves. But then I remembered what someone who commented on this blog once wrote:
If you buy more containers, you will buy more stuff to fill them. So extrapolating from there, I realized that I didn't actually need a whole big unit like this. So I called my sister Brooke and discussed this with her, since she uses shelves like this to dye her fabric (me too, but I am not dyeing for a while now). She will take it and the wheels I bought too.
I feel so much better now, having realized that the small amount of  stuff I thought I would be putting on this shelf, can now go in the smaller closet that will become mine when we switch rooms. Yay!

The remodel end is now in sight, just flooring, painting and the installation of the vanity, sink and toilet are to come. And, O yeah, the French doors. Sounds like a lot doesn't it, but most of that is one day each per contractor. No one will return to work  here until Wednesday. Phooey.
Or not Phooey. I will have peace and quiet and can work in the studio. YAY!


  1. Hah! A friend of mine gave me some shelving like this that I put up in the garage to get stuff off the floor... it works well, and she got rid of stuff - win, win! I'm sure Brooke will get great use out of the shelves, and you have saved yourself from more hoarding!

  2. P.S. You need to dye! ;-)

  3. you make this remodel sound so easy. Where are the pulling of hair and gnashing of teeth because something is too big by 1/2 inch, etc?

    You do have many many leaves and your place looks so different summer and fall.


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