Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Collaborating with Donaleen

Donaleen is the next collaborator on my Make Me a Quilt list and she was way ready with her wish list. Here is what she is thinking about:

Silt and Pepper
Tangerine Trail
I have a folder of downloaded favorites of your quilts. Sometimes I crop my favorite parts.  There are always squiggly lines and dots and depth and sparkle and single pieces of fabric with changing colors (special editions, I am sure). My favorites look lit from within. They glow. Color is very important to me.

1. choices of size: around 15" 
2. orientation: vertical or square.
3. color scheme:  vivid, earthy Bright... I think of you as the queen of orange. I want some of that! and yellow green and maybe some turquoise. And RED...
4. surface treatments such as hand quilting, fancy machine quilting,
hand or machine embroidery, embellishments or stamping/paint whatever you choose to do
5. imagery: Abstract/geometric/atmospheric.... I love your pieces that have lots of depth and sparkle. I love squiggles and dots.
6. fused or pieced: whatever you choose to do.
Limon Lane

Favorite pieces: Some days Silt and Pepper is my favorite, other days Tangerine Trail

Open Book
Silt-and-Pepper-crop1.jpg  Favorite bits.

My contractor and the plumber showed up today and all my design ideas for the bathroom got changed/rearranged and now I have to return the pedestal sink I bought, get a vanity/sink, closet doors and the bathtub so they can get started. Woowoo!
And I mailed off  Jacket #5 to Joan, and only took one photo. Duh! It was really nice on me, but no camera was handy, so there you go. Malabrigo Rios and Debbie Bliss Fez.


  1. Anonymous8:15 PM

    will you look at that above....spam...slam...damn.

    Well, what I was going to say, you are just zipping through that list... I bet you are finished by pumpkin day!!!

  2. I'm loving Donaleen's favorites too!

  3. That jacket looks like adding a zipper would be so easy!

  4. After reading this I feel like such a slug! You get so much done. I love every one of these quilts shown and noticed that each one has dots and strips. I just love those details! And, of course, the jacket is beautiful!
    It's so fun to have this mini quilt show as each lucky reader tells you which ones are her favorites.

  5. Ooooh eeeeeee baby. So excited!

  6. It is so interesting to see what each person loves about your quilts and yes, they "sparkle"!! It is fascinating watching how you interpret each person's wish list.
    My quilt arrived safe & sound - absolutely amazing in person! Love that there is so much silk in it since I am working quite a bit in silk myself these days. Love the subtle shift of colors across the moon's surface (didn't get that from the photo). Thank you so much!


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