Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Survey Says . . .

Thank you all for your enthusiastic participation in my bathtub survey. WE AGREE.

Now here's a bit of the background info that you may not know.

Dave's bedroom is upstairs in the loft, and now I sleep downstairs in the guest room because I have to share the queen size bed with the dogs. Dave only sleeps 2-4 hours a night and recently he has been hanging out with his night owl friends, coming home at 2am, having a bite to eat and waking us all up. When he is down for the night, I go up every two hours to give him his pills, walking upstairs and downstairs each time. Then I am pretty close to being awake, but like any mom, I can usually fall back to sleep quickly. My knees are not happy with this trek.
We NEED to be on the same floor.
The solution is for Dave to move into the studio and my stuff from the studio needs to go upstairs into the loft spaces. This is how it was when we first moved in! There is a storage space/closet in the loft bedroom where I could store my massive amount of quilts, but it has such a low ceiling that it does not work well for daily use. I bump my head every time I go in there.
Currently I use the small downstairs closet outside the studio that holds most of my quilts. (I have even more elsewhere).


If these quilts were upstairs, Dave would have access to this closet, right outside the studio.
But not enough space for all his stuff, (five or six guitars, speakers, amplifiers, etc.) which means we still need a closet somewhere else and that would be the bubble tub room. While I have been purging, he has been collecting. Nuff said.
If Dave moved back into the studio, we could make it like an apartment. It has its own entrance to the driveway where he could come and go quietly, and since it was built as an afterthought, the door connecting it to the rest of the house is a heavy one, reducing the tv, stereo or electric guitar sound to a whisper.
And I could waddle in for pill time without having to climb stairs!
We do have a walk in shower, and I am hoping our contractor can squeeze in a shower/bath combo in that same space, altho there is the stack in the way from the upstairs powder room. We await his estimate.
No family with kids would buy this house, because of its quirky design, with too few closets and only one full bath. Not to mention that there are no other kids within miles of this house. However it is pretty much alright for retirees like us. The huge garage and tool shed make it a man's paradise.
We are currently trying to find a way for a second full bath for the studio 'apartment'. It is built on a slab, so that presents a bit of a problem.
Moving me upstairs will not change my creative output too much. I will have a sewing room with a shorter pinup wall, and a painting space, a sink and toilet, as well as a bed for naps. I need a nap most days. I'll still have the dogs at night in the queen's their choice, not mine.


  1. Just one comment, Mel: I live in a townhome. When I decided that I was leaving this place in a box (meaning I plan to stay here - no more moves), I had custom storage built in the second bedroom for all my hobbies - all 4 walls. Had the dining room redone into storage, design walls, more storage, and a custom sewing table. All of this stuff is "custom built-ins". Resale value? Poo. I plan to LIVE here and did not want to redesign my house based on its resale value. (Hmm... reading all that sounds a little arrogant of me. Don't mean it to be that way, but if we are building our lives around resale value, well ... something seems wrong with that. :) OK. Off my soapbox. I'm sure you'll do what works best for you and Dave and the pups.

  2. Doing stuff for resale never seems to work - you can never guess what a buyer will want! My inlaws just had the tub/shower combo taken out and replaced w/a tiled shower because the old friends that visit kept almost slipping in the tub when taking a shower.

  3. What about adding a closet to the current studio space? Maybe it could go in the corner near the door to the garage. What about remodeling the garden tub into a more useful bathroom fixture?

  4. ooooh, I like the peek into your closets. I have no solutions for your bath dilemma, but I like the eye candy of all your quilts together.

  5. I have removed the tub from the last 2 houses I've owned in favor of a functional - i.e. BIG - shower. And I've never regretted it for a second. I can't even remember the last time I took a tub bath. So, I think you should do what works for you. Resale value shouldn't drive your decisions.

  6. Have you looked into a walk-in bathtub/shower combo? Eliminates the "stepping into" problem.

  7. Showers in bathtubs are not so great. Most people want tubs for kids and pets. Where do you wash the dogs? As long as you have that covered, you are good.

  8. I know, I know, I know! You can store your quilts at my house. I got room for them.

  9. "while I have been purging, he has been collecting". Ha! I hear you LOUD AND CLEAR! I say that for every 5 things I get rid of, the hubs brings in 10.

  10. For so many years, we had to move from place to place with my husband's job. I only lived in any one house for about 3 years. We had to buy and sell and every decision was made according to resale. Now, we are retired. I don't give a hoot about what happens after I am gone and I am never moving. I live for the moment and enjoy my space; even though it is smaller than previous homes.

  11. We bought this house to "retire" in and the one thing I would change--as we get older, is to have a large walk in shower (wheelchair or scooter accessible). The bath and tub/shower is so dangerous for older folks.

    The house is very large, perfectly suited to two adults. There is no where for children to play, watch movies etc.. But I can see another couple in their late 50's buying this with the same thoughts. Everything on one floor and easy to "scoot" around the house.

  12. Great ideas Melody, would love to see some shots of the finished arrangements.

  13. You are right Melanie, resale isn't your driving factor - meeting your needs is. Go for it!

    Looking forward to seeing your superb decorating skills in action again!

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