Friday, August 30, 2013


The first person on my Make Me A Quilt list is Elaine M. I asked Elaine: if you have a particular piece from my past series or anything non-series-wise that appeals, let me know.
She replied:

I love these a lot: October Gift and Desert sky, the Urban Landscapes series and the Streets and Rivers Series
I'd like to know what else you would like from this list:
1. choices of size (with price based on size)
I want this to hang in my bedroom. I have several pieces that are 18" wide by 22" long and would like to get another one in that size range

2. orientation: portrait

 3. color scheme: some periwinkle blue and rust/cheddar orange with anything else you want
there really isn't a color I don't like
vivid and earthy are my favs, not all dark and no pastel
4. surface treatments
hand and machine quilting. I like when you extend the lines in the image and wander about

5. imagery: abstract, botanical, geometric, atmospheric
I like all of these

 6. fused or pieced. no hand applique.
I really want this to be your work so I hope I haven't been too specific.
So that is where we began.
Next I brought out my fabrics in search of the perfect periwinkle blue.
I pulled out everything that could be possibly be considered periwinkle, a very elusive color. I love it myself, so I can understand the eagerness to have it be a feature color in your quilt. I think it tends to look on the gray side until something very contrasting is juxtaposed. To dye periwinkle, a life long goal of mine, one must add a touch of fuchsia to the dye mix which then causes texture to form due to the quick action of the pink vs. the slow action of the blue. So mostly I can't get the solid that I want.
I do want to include some of these textured pieces, and have loads and loads of warm orangey colors to contrast.
From this point I began to design in my head and have several ideas which I will try out today. I'll work on this for a few hours and see how far I get. Stay tuned.
BTW, thanks for all your enthusiastic response. I now have a list of 25 participants. I hope everyone can be patient!


  1. This is fun to watch unfold!

  2. You do such beautiful work! I continue to try, but still have not gotten the intensity of your dyed fabrics. I haven't given up yet though!,

  3. This is wonderful! The opportunity to see inside your head during the process is a real teaching moment for fellow artists. Thank you.

  4. This is so exciting!

  5. Las telas elegidas son maravillosas!
    No puedo imaginar el resultado aunque será espectacular, de eso estoy segura.

  6. This is like going to Art Scool on Steroids! THANKS!

  7. I love the samples she chose and the colors you picked are beautiful together!

  8. So excited that you are sharing your process and looking forward to seeing your results! Such fun!

  9. Brilliant -- such a kick to watch your process! As always, it's one of the main attractions to your blog -- which I read religiously every morning with my mug of tea, and have since 2008. (Wow! Time flies!)

    I'm percolating on my wish list for our 'collaboration'! Feeling rather giddy!

  10. I feel giddy too...I never thought it would be possible to own a piece of your work! I'd better get my thinking cap on. The trouble is I would be happy with anything I think. Your colours all resonate with's so exciting!

  11. Wow....this is fun and it's not even mine!

  12. I would think that a good way to go is to do 3 of these at the same time. I work that way, and when I get stumped on one piece, I move to the next. Usually the design solution for the first one appears while I'm working on the 2nd one. Plus, then you have picked out the palette - do you work that way?

  13. I love the fabrics colors wow... can't wait to see more....

  14. I would love to be able to put my hand in and take some of the beautiful fabric and pieces you create it's so exciting to see your work. I sent for some more paint and today i have been in the garden painting some fabric, I'm afraid the garden furniture has a little more colour on it than it had where I have laid it to dry. Thank you for inspiration xxxxx

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