Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Watching. . .

Luther (2010) Poster

I've been knitting and watching Netflix, as expected and really enjoyed the thrilling second season of Luther.
It was only four episodes, but that took care of my afternoon nicely.
The new swatch is for Joan S. and is Debbie Bliss Fez, 85% merino, 15% camel and Malabrigo Rios merino in gold and silver.

My sister and I have been thinking about clothes sewing and have seen this type of tunic on Pinterest:
One-Piece Dresses and Tunics 2012 - Japanese Craft Book
It's a summery dress or an all season topper over jeans or leggings. But finding the pattern has been difficult. Yesterday I went to my pattern stash and found this pajama pattern, which I think I can adapt. All I would need to do is change the gathers to pleats and add the all important pockets ( and nix the hood!). I think I will keep the button front, and maybe even extend the buttons to the hem. Lots of possibilities.

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  1. Anonymous3:30 PM

    For your top have you thought of simplicity pattern 2245 It's called Portfolio

    You can see a picture on my pinterest My style board if you keep scrolling down

    There's bound to be a better way to show you but I'm not very technically advanced- hence no type of internet account

  2. ohhh I love Luther! I've watched them twice - but what I really love is Sherlock! OMG have a huge crush on Benedict Cumberbatch. Can't wait till 2014 when the new season finally starts! I wish there was more of Luther too!

  3. I very much enjoy Luther. Season 3 is on television here now.


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