Friday, July 12, 2013

Update : The Final Re-Arrangement

 O YES!!!! Now this makes me feel happy and satisfied. I really wanted that yarn out of the room, safe from dust etc. And look how well the bins fit on that shelf. Meant to be. Looks like I have room for two more bins to complete the set. This does not mean more yarn, just less congestion. I am NOT BUYING MORE YARN, FABRIC, PAINT, CANVASES, DYES, MUSLIN, BATTING etc.

My fused and clothes fabric is all on one shelf, and next to it all the yarn and fabric dyes. Under that lower shelf are rolls of fabric, art papers and primed canvas. And large canvases are in the front. I found other things I had forgotten I had. This easel from my sister Brooke is perfecto for watching Netflix on my tablet. Woowoo!  I was able to get all my clothes into my single clothes closet, neatly, and the quilts I had hanging in bags are now tucked in a stack in the corner. I am returning the broken closet rack to Wal-Mart today.

This is a much better arrangement...and I am taking one of the commenter's advice, and not buying anymore storage bins, after the ones I am buying today. Seriously.


  1. Glad you got the rearranging done to your satisfaction, but seriously (ha ha) ...not buying any more xyz... I'll believe it when I see it! Like the easel, I may have to copy that idea!

  2. Yeah yeah yeah! How many times have we all said that? For me it lasts until I see something that I just have to have!! Never keeps us out of trouble. But just your scraps have a habit of breeding in the bin?

  3. I keep saying to myself NO MORE BUYING yarn, fabric, etc, etc. I am only allowed to buy if it is needed for a project, not for stash. But there are so many cute prints out there and there's always so much more lovely yarn to buy. But I really want to be able to use what I have up rather than just adding to it and having to store it.
    And yes, how many quilts, pullovers, shawls, mitts, hats and scarves do I need? I would donate knitted stuff but the local mob want it always in superwash and preferably acrylic (ACK! Why bother knitting!). I think I have a place to send quilts though.


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