Monday, July 22, 2013

Swatch Watch

I am still totally stoked about having a reason to knit. Since my days will be pretty quiet, I will be posting the swatch of the day, which is how I will see how each of the jackets will look. Today I am doing two, Hilary's Pink variegated Toconao merino+Amazing and Nancy's Turquoise hand dyed merino with Wooly Stripes. You will note that there is no green appearing in that swatch, altho it is still to come on that skein. Some variegated yarns are spun variegated and others are dyed variegated. Spun variegated has longer color runs than the hand dyed.
The swatch is the first module of the jacket, so waste not, want not.

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  1. Do you use both the spun variegated and the dyed variegated? Do you have a preference?

  2. Judith P.2:29 PM

    Can't wait to see my swatch!

  3. Hey Melody, Any chance you'll put out a written version of this pattern? I would like to try it. I have your poncho in my queue on Ravelry, but I'd really love to try the jacket style and I'm one of those people that likes to follow a pattern.


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