Sunday, July 21, 2013

More Combos

I caused myself and you a lot of confusion yesterday, for which I am quite sorry. I should have stated that #3, 4 and 5 were really the same single set of Wooly Stripes yarn, and its contrasting solid, enough for one jacket only, not three. So the six people that wanted a jacket from one of the sets of yarn are pretty much disappointed. I am so embarrassed that I made that happen.
Everything from yesterday's post is spoken for except #1. I am redoing it with another color solid, so perhaps that will appeal.
Today I will be more explicit. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.
First picture: we have #408 Vega merino wool yarns. All of them are from the same dyelot, which contains blue, turquoise, green, orange and pinky red. The sample shows that I didn't quite get all the colors into the mitten.
Now I am showing this one variegated Vega #408 with two color choices FOR THE CONTRAST.
#1 is pumpkin in Cascade 220 OR #2 is hand dyed turquoise merino

.  Contrast choice Green.

Next, one set of  Pink Sands Lion Brand Amazing yarn.
For the contrasting yarn #1 is Yellow Fez, 85% merino, 15% camel or
#2 is light turquoise Fez or
#3 is lavender Fez   Taken

Now here's where the fun begins...a collected set of Noro Kureyon in multiple colors.  Taken.
O and the cost of the jacket depends on the cost of the yarn, which varies. I have records of all the prices, either on the label or online, from when I ordered the yarn. Remember that I am only charging for the cost not labor.. Email me.



  1. Yum! I think I'm glad I already chose! So many gorgeous choices!

  2. Wonderful colours...very lucky people...please show pictures of finished garments before they are sent off to their new owners!


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