Monday, July 08, 2013

Law And Order

Dave goes fishing! He throws them back in and has a great time. Maybe one day Chumley and I will come along.
In the meantime, I have jury duty starting today. This means I go to the courthouse on the far end of our county, check in and come home. I will have a four month service, and last time I did this, I never was called to jury. We get a phone number and have to call in each afternoon, hoping for a juicy trial, but mostly everyone does a plea deal and saves the county the cost of a trial.
The baby pugs I posted yesterday are all spoken for, which is just as well. When the time is right, the right pup will appear, I believe. FYI, we do have a fenced yard, two in fact. One is over 300 feet long, but we can't fence the forest, and Chester went up into the woods to the end of the fence and down around and into the street that way. The forest is dense and I didn't see him go up there, so that's how that happened.
Recently we got news that our fave quilt shop, just over the border in GA, will close in September and today I got news that a new one is opening in Chattanooga soon. Won't that be fun? The Modern Quilt Guild met at the GA store, so maybe we'll meet at the new one called Spool, and that would be so much closer for me. Yay!!!

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  1. Four months is a long time to be on call and have your life on hold.

  2. Anonymous7:42 PM

    You never know when the right critter will step into your life. I have 4 "Dr. Seuss" style doggies that made their way into my home. They all needed me, I guess. Your time will come. Sorry about your loss.

    Dare I suggest It's addicting.

  3. Heck, that's a long time to put your life on hold! Here in New Zealand we have one week, and then it's someone else's turn.

    Why is the quilt shop closing, can you guess? Retail is suffering here too - unless it's very well established, with an excellent reputation for service... and even then they're working harder for every dollar.

    Is there a greater population where the new one will open?


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