Thursday, July 11, 2013


The rain continues, altho it did stop for a few hours only to get beastly hot and muggy. I am so grateful for air conditioning. In the interim, the Stargazer Lily is bursting open, and the basil is growing taller.  We might have our first pesto by the weekend. My veggie bed is disgustingly full of weeds and bugs and I want to pretend it doesn't exist.
So I am staying in and looking at the neglected parts of the house that I now have an interest in addressing. O dear, what shall I tackle first?
As an aside: the quilt store that is closing is now having a big BIG sale on everything, including yarn, and I had to admit I have no more room for more fabric or yarn, so I stayed home and didn't indulge in bargain shopping. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to fixing the problem
I have a big closet that is full of clothes from my former life. I kept hoping there would be some reason to wear any of it, but alas, there is none. Realistically, I wear t-shirts and shorts in the summer, and t-shirts, sweaters and jeans in the winter. All of those are in my chest of drawers, and knit storage. So why must I keep all those dressier clothes at my fingertips, taking up valuable craft supply storage. (hate that word, craft, but it is short for painting, sewing, knitting stuff). And yet I don't want to give it away yet. Some of it could go to Goodwill, but in the meantime I need to find a better place for all those garments.

I found this solution at Wal-Mart for only $14.88. I will clear out the closet and then find a new place to put the clothes, either in the house or in the garage. Don't worry, the garments will be covered, but still semi-accessible. Eventually, I will be able to donate them...I will.

I was going to paint, or sew, or quilt, but couldn't start a new project until I consolidate and reorganize. However, I am making progress on my mitered diamond cardigan. The collar is now on, and I have begun the first sleeve.
I may have to offer this for sale when finished, as there is no room for another knit. Woe is me!

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  1. I also need to go and pull some errant grass and weeds in the flower beds, but it has been horribly humid and rainy for the last 10 days. Yesterday afternoon got 5" of rain - yes, 5" in about 4 or 5 hours! Today NE Ohio is suppose to start drying out. No rain for the next 5 to 7 days, cooler temps, and the humidity is suppose to drop. Now I have no excuse to not pull the weeds and errant grass!

  2. Why is it that it is SO hard to part with some things. My husband is coming home after six years of working 2 1/2 hours away (and having his own apartment). Of course, while he was gone I moved into all the empty drawers and closets. Now, I have to find space for his things. I, too, seem to have trouble getting rid of some of my clothes. I MIGHT want to wear them; I might NEED them sometime. One closet and eight drawers emptied--A LOT to go...

  3. I think we all have those clothes in the closet! But....I do know how good it feels when I finally purge!
    The photo of the lily looks so much like something that one quilter....shoot...I can't think of her name...would paint and then quilt. I'd love to try it someday!

  4. Her name is Susan Brubaker Knapp!

  5. Guess what? I have purged most of my unworn stuff...I did say most. I love the colour of that looks as though you might have dyed it yourself!
    We also have had heaps of rain over the last few days. One of our cats is terrified of it. She hides in any cupboard she can find and pretends it is not happening. We have had to the two of them for a year now...we got them from the SPCA...and this poor wee thing had been there for five months before we brought her home, so we are guessing that she hadn't experienced much weather.
    Gosh I go on! Okay...I'll stop now...

  6. Space seen on Tv. Its amazing how small a bag of fabric scraps can become. Although they don't end up flat and stackable.


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