Thursday, June 06, 2013

Time for a Change

I have been having car trouble with my 2004 Chrysler Town and Country van. Like being unable to start it for a whole week. Eeek.
After many fix-it attempts by local guys, we had it towed to the nearest Chrysler dealer and after two days they found a broken wire. Easy to fix, difficult to find.
To me, it was A SIGN.
I began to shop online for a new used car and kept coming back to how much I loved my old PT Cruiser, which was totaled by a deer incident in 2009.
I knew it would mean going into Chattanooga to the car malls, where hundreds upon hundreds of cars sit in the blazing sun, and I'd be needing patience and clarity of purpose to make a purchase.
Dave and I got distracted by used Acuras and Mercedes Benzes, which are not suited to my needs, but O so attractively priced because of being previously owned.
So after all day test driving everything but the car I wanted, we came home empty handed.

Day two: I decided on an out of state dealer which had just the model, color and options I knew would work, and very low mileage, so off to Rainsville Alabama we went.
I got this beauty, a 2010 fully loaded sparkling clean RED one. Yay! I followed Dave in the van, home, with a quick stop at Wal-mart for a bag of potting soil, and new engine oil (he loves to change the oil). I dawdled, hoping the rain would stop, but it only got worse, so after a mad dash in which I got totally drenched, I made it to the car and loaded in my purchases in the convenient hatchback. Then I was able to test the wipers and the new tires on the slick mountain roads. What a great ride this car has! Zippy and jaunty and jut right for me, little Goldilocks.
Now I can relax and get back to our regular programming. has an auxiliary port to plug in my mp3 player for tunes where there is no radio reception, which is pretty much everywhere on this mountain. Double yay!


  1. I loved my PT Cruiser. Just said goodbye to it a couple of weeks ago. My son had been driving it for the last 18 months but it was having problems repeatedly. It was the most fun car I ever had. Now I have a big Traverse which I love but it's not as much fun. The red is so jazzy!

  2. My favorite car of all time!! I had a silver one but always (still do) lusted after a red one. Long story of cars bought and sold but now I have a KIA Soul which is just as zippy as the PT and which I love almost as much. But not quite. Yet. Congrats on your new purchase!

  3. I have serious PTC Envy...LOL...we love our red PT but it is getting on in years. I guess we had better start our search for now for our 'new-old' glad you found yours!!!

  4. Mel, that new ride of yours is definitely "you". Love it. Have many fine trips, short and not-so-short in it!

  5. Pretty awesome, only 2 days of shopping and you have your car! Sounds like you got the perfect ride!

  6. I'm on my second PT Criuser....I had the first one for about 10 years.....I love it, lots of room for fabric. The only's white, so not me!!!

  7. I always liked the looks of the PTC but never had the opportunity to drive one.

    Glad you found just what you wanted. I've had a couple red cars and loved them. I told my DH that next year when our lease is up I'd like to have a red car again. We have gray right now and EVERYBODY has a gray car!

    Hope you have good luck with this one, out for deer...LOL

  8. Mine is a 2008, and a sort of brownish red, not the regular red. Love my PT Cruiser.

  9. Well I have a gold car. It was a good price so I had to put my hard to find pragmatic hat on. Now it is funny because here in NZ you qualify for the pension and a gold card when you are 65. Which means lots of discounts and free public transport between the hours of nine and three. Which happens for me in August. So I will have a gold car and a gold card!
    BTW...I am only that age chronologically. Actually I am younger than our kids...

  10. Yea! You bought 'American'!! Good for you!!

  11. Becky in Indiana7:54 PM

    That's awesome! Mine looks exactly like that one. I love mine!

  12. Congrats! May you have many safe years in your new vehicle!

  13. We have had PTs since they came out. Our 2003's are getting very old and we will need to replace them soon, but I will be so sad to see them go. I wonder why they always stop making the very popular cars...

  14. That car is perfect for you!!! Trust me on the MP3 hook up! It rocks... I listened to a book all the way down to Charlotte on my ipod and it was 10 hours of bliss and not worrying about battery or anything! Your car is a real beauty!


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