Saturday, June 22, 2013


When I think about starting a new work, I like to look at layouts, or compositions for inspiration. It's nice to have them in color, but not necessary for the ideas to jell.
I think of art work starting with a division of space.

These are photos of details of a couple of quilts hanging in my room. I made the parts without much planning, just putting scraps together, and letting them do their own thing. Now years later, I see compositions formed with lines and solid shapes. And I imagine them 50 times larger than they are here. Big bold areas of color, accented with line and in some cases, tiny dots.

I could refer to these as fabric sketches for future works.

Looking at composition like this gets my juices flowing.  Think BOLD color blocks.

 Nothing too detailed or fussy, please.

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  1. I love this! Maybe I'll try it with all my fused "scraps" I've been accumulating.

  2. Anonymous9:38 PM

    Your color choices are just fabulous!!!

    Linda lindabarnard1 at

  3. Being open to creative suggestion makes all the difference, doesn't it? Someone in my past used to use "... what would you think if?" as the opening for many conversations contemplating ideas for projects. Can't wait to see what comes of your burst of inspiration!

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  5. This is a great post...


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