Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Chester

Chester is three years old today, and we've had him for two of those years. He turned out to be the sweetie of all time and I am so glad we found him. The smile on his face in this picture is rare, since he usually looks terribly concerned, as he does below.

While he still has fear of open stairs, he can go up and down our outside stairs without trepidation, but midnight carrying continues. He often wants to go up or down at 1am and whimpers until I get out of bed to carry him. Luckily he weighs less than Chumley, the brute.

He is very good at sharing and is a great watchdawg, chasing after intruding squirrels, chipmunks and UPS trucks. So far he hasn't caught anything, but has definitely put a big scare into our summer lizards.
Chumley is his best friend, and doesn't mind being the source of  Chummer's tail biting, or neck gnawing. He never returns the bites.

For his day, I bought some of his favorite dawggie food packets which I am certain he'll share with the big dawg.

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  1. A very Happy Birthday to Chester! Sounds like he and his BFF will be having a great day.

  2. Happy Birthday Chester! You are so very adorable! Kisses and hugs to you!

    Cheery wave from

  3. I love my pugsies so much. Its fun to see and hear about Chumley. Now I feel pretty lucky that Mr. Monk waits until 5am to wake me up!

  4. Happy birthday, Chester!

    With love from Auntie Brooke

  5. Well a special birthday calls for some CAKE....for ME of course, not Chester, but I will think of him while I'm shoveling frosting onto my fork and into my face!! Gotta love a birthday. And I love your dawgs.

  6. Happy birthday, Chester!

  7. Woof woof bark yap run chase play sleep! Have a wonderful day. You are a very lucky dog to have found such an adoring home.
    Quick! There goes a shadow...ruuuuun.

  8. Chester has the cutest smile!

  9. Aw! Happy Birthday!

  10. We love seeing pictures of the dawgs! Give Chester a big hug for me.

  11. Happy Birthday, Chester!
    May you never catch a UPS truck...

  12. This is funny. I was looking at the blogs I follow on my blogger Dashboard and saw your Chester is 3 years old today. Then the blog right under yours that showed up was this: Her "Chester" is also having a birthday today and he is turning 4 years old. Isn't that a wild coincidence? Lol!
    Well Happy Birthday to both Chesters.

  13. Hello, so it is time to share my love of Chester.
    I painted an oil painting a few weeks ago, n now I have courage to share: :

    Happy birthday!

  14. Chris6:38 PM

    Happy birthday Chester sorry I am late but you share a birthday with two special men one is priince Philip and another wonderful young man my son Henry so three special men xxxx


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