Friday, May 17, 2013

Adios to the Boat

After months of trying, Dave and his friend Dave got the boat out of the garage. It was stuck inside, and was very difficult to maneuver on the trailer, so they first spent a few hours moving it from one bay to the other, gave up and tried again the next day. Finally it got set straight and out it came, undamaged, with only inches to spare. How did they get in there in the first place? Can't answer that one.
Recently Dave decided that the boat was just not for him. (!) and has decided to sell it to the boat shop in the city. I hope. He is taking it in today. I hesitate to announce this on the blog, but I have such high hopes that this plan will work. Originally I was going along with him, but then he decided to handle this alone. Good man.

It's opening day for the yellow iris, and I have just about planted or transplanted everything I had planned. I do believe I can come back inside and attend to the house again. This bucket of coneflowers came out of Dave's Memorial Garden aka My Big Garden Mistake and had nowhere else to go so they are staying planted in this nice red plastic bucket, until further notice.

A few fish pictures. The blue and red fish is a shubunkin which is three years old and that is the biggest he'll get. The other is our big koi, who seems to keep growing. The pond is coated with pollen, as is everything else in the yard, and patio and table tops. We might get rain today, hopefully, to wash it all away.
Now that the gardening is done, I will be turning my attentions back to the studio....we'll see what happens there soon.


  1. A good friend of mine once said that the happiest days of your life is the day you buy your boat and the day you sell your boat. I think she was right!

  2. I've heard that saying from the commenter above! I'm impressed they got the boat out. Did you build the barn around it maybe? ha.

  3. I so enjoy your beautiful yard pictures. We're in the middle of another drought, and if that weren't bad enough, a neighbor's goats have gotten into our yard. They ate all the blossoms, some leaves, and ends of branches of our little apple tree which we thought would finally have a chance at fruit this year. They also ate my irises, tulips, and daffodils. Nothing as verdant as your yard! I'm hesitating putting out my indoor plants, lest they come back for dessert!

  4. Hola totalmente cautivada con tu blog o mejor con tu hermoso lugar es un lugar en el mundo, pero este es magnifico tus tejidos me encantaron, el jardín entremezclado con el bosque es cautivante, me alegro haber encontrado este blog y por aquí me quedo para disfrutar mas de tanta belleza y naturaleza pura besos Sandra.

  5. My dad always said: " You don't want a boat, you want a friend with a boat". A boat owner told him that!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely gardens. You're inspiring me!

  6. Hmmm. Gardens and animals. I had tended our vegetables selflessly...going out in nightwear to cover the fledglings at the merest hint of a frost. Someone left the gate open. The cows do not like beetroot...but devoured all the corn plants, silverbeet, cabbages, lettuces, peppers, herbs...even the melons which were beginning to trail perfectly. They then ate apricot leaves for dessert. There were only three of them but they did the work of a herd.
    Love your garden Melody. Just keep the gate shut!

  7. This is my brother Darryl and this is my other brother Darryl....the boat being stuck and the Dave's made me think of that.

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