Wednesday, April 03, 2013

On the Bed

The thing about having a lime green room is it goes with everything! I'm sure there is plenty of lime green in some of the prints I used. And of course one must have hot pink sheets to coordinate. Yowsa!
Before I added the aforementioned last small border, I tried it out on the bed and changed my mind. I trimmed off the excess batting and put the binding on and called it finished. It is 69" squarish and will work on this bed as a topper or nap quilt.  Once again, it is only on the bed for pictures, and will stay clean of doggie hair until after my quilt meeting.  By the way, my fixed machine continued to perform beautifully for the rest of the construction of this piece. What a relief!

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  1. I love it! What a very happy room and quilt!

  2. , I love it, I love it. Just like a picture out of a magazine.

  3. The quilt looks fantastic, love it. What a sad little puppy face.

  4. Ha! Two to one . . . I'll bet on the dawgs!! Unless you remember to close the door firmly... which I forget, and then there is fluff on the guest room beds. Sigh.

    Gorgeous quilt (as usual!) Thanks Mel

    Does Dave get a quilt too? What are his favourite colours?

  5. Aaaaaw...he wants to get up and check out the new quilt. Poor wee thing! He has great taste eh? I love the bright colours you use. The quilts you make sure sing a perfect Melody!

  6. Took my breath away, what a glorious riot of colour, love love love it.
    jAn COtton Nz

  7. Ooo so gorgeous! I know what you mean about the dogs though, mines not happy unless she is sitting in the middle of one!

  8. Love it. The prints are a really fun look! Tiny bits of solid colors in one piece of fabric. jerilynn

  9. Love it! Such wonderful colors. Love the room!

  10. Thanks, for the quilt shot. It looks wonderful on the bed. Even with all the information you give us in the photos the finished piece changes in that last look, the scale of this design is terrific.
    Many of us who have an abundance of commercial fabric can see the possibilities.

    Perfect "poor me" picture of the pup!

  11. I've been saying for a while now that lime/green is the new neutral..

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