Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gardening and Quilting

I started my new quilt (of the week) and got this far before going out to garden. I am using my collected strips in solids, commercial and hand dyed. My plan is to make a lot of blocks and then figure out how to connect them all, since they will not be the same size. I love a challenge.
My palette.
I may add some other colors, or lighter/darker versions of these, which seem to be all mid-tones.
I didn't wavy cut any of these strips, but the wonkiness has shown up anyway. It's good to be back in Wonkyville.

This season's  big job was waiting for me in the front bed. I needed to move or transplant just about everything, and get the hydrangeas into those new spots. I did it. Five hydrangeas are now gracing that front bed. This makes 11 hydrangeas in all the gardens. Am I done buying them? We'll see. There are so many new gorgeous ones coming onto the scene. I may not be able to resist.
My big triumph is in the back garden. The phlox is gone, almost completely, still a few sprouts I need to pull, but we also decided to move this huge miscanthus grass. It shaded everything behind it, and Wonderful Dave, my manly man,
dug and pried the root ball up and the two of us got it into the wheelbarrow, just as the sun was setting. It weighs a ton. Seriously.

He's got that satisfied look doesn't he?
This massive grass is being moved to the driveway plantings, next to the flowering magnolia and spruce. It will have plenty of room to spread out there.

We've done all of the necessary transplants now. Phew! With gardening, you definitely live and learn, and if you're lucky, you can get a better garden with a few judicious moves.

Let's look at the redbud blooms. So pretty in pink.


  1. Because we live in diferent hemisperes we come/go alive at opposite times. I just love reading your spring even though I hate my Autumn and winter

  2. Hey Melody,I'm enjoying your journey in the garden, as I am doing some of the same things. The quilt blocks are just so YOU. I'm loving all the colors and trying to finish what I am working on if you don't tempt me to get back to my solids.

  3. I'm in the 'other' hemisphere too is wonderful knowing that your designs are admired world wide. Do you ever have an off day, I wonder? I had one yesterday...and it was my first day without work for a while...wasted. Must make up for it today and get creative my shed, not the garden! I just love this week's quilt and can't wait to see where it goes.

  4. It must be so nice to get out in the garden.
    I like the wonky-ness and asymmetrical set of the blocks. Lovely colors too.

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  6. You really spend more time in starting a garden in your backyard and that's a new beginning to make your outdoor looks beautiful by just simple but beautiful garden.


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